Hina Logi: From Luck & Logic – Eps. 2-4

Well, I ended up watching more of Hina Logi. Getting around to the second episode was a “maybe” for me and yet, here I am, four episodes in. I doubt I’ll be blogging about this show episodically. It is what you expect — a cute magical girls show set in an academy with a whole lot to discuss or analyze — but it’s nevertheless fun and painless to sit through. Chances are, this will be a filler show for me; something to pass time when I’m all caught up with what interests me the most this season.

I’m enjoying the main characters a fair amount which is good since I find excessive cuteness can only appeal to me for so long. Liones is still impossible hate. I tried to find a moment where I thought she was annoying but she’s just so eccentric and energetic that my search proved to be futile. Who knows, maybe the future will prove me wrong but so far, I’ve yet to dislike Liones. Meanwhile, Nina has the potential to be the most interesting character since she is practically a soldier pulled out of the battlefield to observe the academy. I don’t know if that part of her character will be fully explored (as opposed to more of her cuddling a bear) but it’s something to keep in mind for now. Everyone else seems to operate in a very supportive capacity but so far, they’ve been pretty entertaining.

Of the episodes I’ve seen so far, I think the third episode was by far my favorite. Liones’s father was just a joy to watch, both for his goofy demeanor and how Liones acts flustered and embarrassed at the mere sight of him (she lets her powers go a bit haywire out of embarrassment). I used to feel a bit embarrassed about my own parents so I both related with Liones and enjoyed the episode on its own merits.

There is one thing I have grown curious about and that’s the connection between the show and the card game it’s meant to be based on. To be frank, Hina Logi rarely feels like a TCG commercial. The actual game is nowhere to be found and the show articulates the card gimmick as the means for the girls to transform into, well, magical girls. I don’t really mind, partly because I’m new to the Luck & Logic franchise but this means the show is just free to focus on its characters first and foremost (regardless of depth). If this is the direction taken for Hina Logi, then I have no objections.


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