Classroom of the Elite – Ep. 1 (First Impressions)

The second Classroom of the Elite began with a quote by Nietzche, I immediately thought to myself, “Wow, trying a bit to hard to act smart there?”. When the show proceeded to two characters having a philosophical question about priority bus seating, I immediately knew that was the case.

The premise of a bunch of high schoolers ranked as a low-tier class and must climb their way through the top and beat the system is actually nothing new. If you’ve seen, Baka and Test or Assassination Classroom, then you’ve seen this show. But I think what stuns me about this show’s execution of that premise is just how dead serious it takes it. Baka and Test and Assassination Classroom more or less work because they’re comedies and have fun with itself. In the case of Classroom of the Elite, it’s supposed to be a serious shock that these students are getting screwed by the system.

That attitude is problematic because I’m meant to take this setting seriously and to be honest, it makes no sense whatsoever. No one in their right mind would approve of this kind of school (let alone apply for it) and if even with a merit-point system, you’re telling me this school has enough money to supply all this stuff for students to spend points on? Why on Earth does a campus ground even have a video game store? And yes, the show does establish that students are limited by communication and travel but that honestly makes even less sense. It’s a poor excuse to explain why the students can’t just use actual money.

Furthermore, it’s kind of hard to even root for these students. The main character is a huge stick in the mud and frankly looks uninterested in the whole situation. The female lead is hardly that much more invested. All the other students are frankly a bunch of idiots. Anyone in their right mind would piece together “points system” and a “merit-based school” and realize that the points aren’t free. It’s pure common sense but nope! Everyone’s shocked that they actually need merit for merit points.

I rolled my eyes. I know there’s a second episode out right now but I could barely finished this first one so I’d rather not bother with it. I’ll keep an eye on what other people think of the show but it’ll take a lot to persuade me to resume the show.

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One thought on “Classroom of the Elite – Ep. 1 (First Impressions)

  1. I had much the same first impression of this one. It takes itself too seriously, the setting makes no sense as a practical model, and the reaction of the students was just complete stupidity. I was actually uncomfortable while watching this. I’ve decided not to review individual episodes of this show but I’m going to see how it progresses and might end up reviewing the series if I make it through this.

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