My Hero Academia – Ep. 32

It finally happened: a filler episode in My Hero Academia!

In all seriousness, I thought this episode was okay. A lot of anime fans, myself included, have grown to feel very weary at the thought of “filler”. When you deal with anime-original arcs in anime such as Fairy Tail, Naruto, and One Piece, you’d naturally grow tired of studios and production committees pandering to avoid having no manga to adapt.

But give Bones some credit, they were at least completely transparent about this being anime-original (it’s flat out stated in the preview). I guess this a reasonable time to do filler too; what with Deku still in the hospital and everyone’s still doing internships. It’s kind of shoehorned in though. The episode literally cuts to Deku’s friends as Deku thinks to himself about how everyone else is doing.

A number of characters show up in this episode. Bakugo being stuck with Best Jeanist still cracks me up and Uraraka with a knife is a sight I never thought I’d ever see. But let’s all be real here. Bones knows exactly what you (and I) want to see: MORE FROPPY!

For an episode titled “Everyone’s Internships”, a good chunk of the episode is entirely about Froppy’s internship. I suppose if you’re going to do filler, you might as well center it around one of the most popular supportive characters. I’d be shocked if there really exists a Froppy hater in the world. She’s a Frog girl…and that’s exactly what makes her endearing. Another thing that helped make her internship fun to watch was Froppy’s superiors. I generally really like Ami Koshimizu and Tomokazu Seki and their guest performances did not disappoint me in the slightest.

I don’t think we’ve learned anything new about anyone but for a filler episode, it was decently fun. So long as we don’t see entire filler arcs in HeroAca, I’m honestly fine that this season entered filler territory for a bit. That said, if Bones animated an entire original arc about Froppy, I’d probably watch it.

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4 thoughts on “My Hero Academia – Ep. 32

  1. It was definitely decent for filler, but I’m hoping we get back into the story next week because while decent filler works for a week, I’m probably not going to watch something that is currently streaming if it hits me with a number of filler episodes in a row. I’ll at that point wait until it finishes airing and I can work out what parts I need to watch and what I can skip.


    • Judging from the preview and comments on MAL, I think the next episode is based on the manga. Bones usually animates filler episodes sparingly; I’d be shocked if Boku no Hero entered an entire filler arc.

      I pretty much feel the same about filler though. I don’t mind it once in a while but it gets degrading if it’s constant filler for weeks, even months.

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      • I’m glad I never tried to watch Bleach when it was airing (due to not having access). I don’t think I would have loved it even a little bit if I had to wait for the next week (or year) to find out what happened next.

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