Lightning Round (8/27/17): Fastest Finger First| Gamers! | Altair: A Record of Battles

Yep, that’s three weeks worth of anime right there….Work and wisdom teeth will do that to you. Let’s just cut to the chase.

Fastest Fingers First – Ep. 6-8

I actually have little to say about these couple of episodes from Fastest Finger First. Part of that lies in how the story is being paced. If you think about it, eight episodes to get to the first regular meet is pretty darn slow. I don’t want to harp on it too much since I like watching Team Buzou learn more about quizzes but I do feel like it takes a while for things to get going. That being said, I really like the strategies employed during these rounds. I especially love how Mari fully grasps the rules of this two-team, two answers version of the quiz bowl and uses it to help her partner (i.e. cuing when to buzz together, giving the harder answer as a hint to the second answer).

We’re also getting an antagonist for some reason. I hope there’s a reason why the guy crossdress (besides the usual otaku pandering….) but I’m mostly not sold on this character. I thought Mikuriya was already a suitable rival for Shiki and this new guy just seems obsessed with trolling Shiki for the sake of it.

Gamers! Ep. 5-7 

I’ve grown really fond of Gamers! these past episodes. It captures the minefield that is high school extremely well and it combines it with another potential minefield: the gaming community. Honestly, I’m amazed how these five kids keep jumping to conclusions about one another. I’ll admit that the dialogue can get pretty wordy during these moments. Actually, dialogue does feel clunky throughout Gamers! but the jokes still land so I’m not as bothered as I should be. There was a scene in Episode 6 where Auguri attempts to understand the situation with her own relationship chart and it appropriately blows up in her face. The feeling is mutual; I see how the lines connect the dots but it’s also a huge scribble.

I love how even when Karen and Keita do become a couple (which still baffles me), everyone is still jumping to conclusions. Chiaki thinks Karen is an abusive girlfriend while Tasuku and Auguri assume they were cheating on each other via Keita and Karen respectively. It just never ends! I just hope Keita and Karen continue this relationship. I’ve grown to really like how flustered they are with each other. They may be ill-equipped to deal with love but I love how they’re able to have fun together and actually chat about games (as opposed to overthinking their personal lives).

Altair: A Record of Battles – Ep. 5-7

Altair is in a bit of a weird place right now. There’s definitely some fans for the show but a good chunk of people seem to be giving it a pass and manga readers aren’t really clamoring over this adaptation either. Chances are, this will probably be a sleeper series for the anime community.

I myself have stopped hoping that this will shape into an elite series at this point and trying to watch more is getting harder. The show is just far too dense for my liking. I gave up trying to recognize any of the supportive characters by name. They feel more like ciphers to the politics than actual characters. And they just keep talking! It’s hard to really appreciate the world being crafted here when the only sense of worldbuilding is through talking about the world.

At the very least, Mahmut is still a very likable lead and I like the addition of Cyrus who is as knowledgeable as Mahmut but is a little more cynical and sarcastic. I’ll also give the writers some credit in letting Mahmut’s team lose the fight for Phoenica. Mahmut’s dealt with consequences in the past but I admire the willingness to have him outright fail. I hope the annexation of Phoenica will play a long-term effect in the story. It’d be nice to see Mahmut and Cyrus gradually build a resistance to reclaim Phoenica’s independence.

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