Clean Freak! Aoyama-kun – Ep. 9

Oh my God, this was hilarious! If I didn’t know any better, I would’ve thought this was the season finale to Aoyama-kun. It really does feel like a culmination of the past eight episodes too with callbacks to almost all the past major events while also throwing in some new material. The tricky thing is trying to give thoughts to everything because almost all of it was fantastic.

The very second the episode began with Coach Miwa watching a soccer anime while holding a dakimakura of the protagonist (who looks an awful lot like Aoyama…), I knew I was in for a treat. Who would’ve thought that Miwa was a weeb this whole time; she certainly does a good job hiding it. I think funnier than the fact that Miwa puts her team (and other clubs) through this training camp is the fact that she gets the help of Zaizen’s family to accommodate for Aoyama. I suppose Miwa wouldn’t get her dream fulfilled if her husbando look-alike wasn’t there. It’s a bit weird but thankfully that part of Miwa’s character isn’t taken too far.

There’s a lot of crazy stuff that happens in this episode and a lot of that owes to the villa Zaizen’s family apparently owns. How rich is this family if they have airplanes, beach resorts, and a bio-dome at their disposal? And is it just me or is Zaizen’s little sister, Karin, way smarter than him? She practically micromanages the entire training camp for Miwa. Oh well, I’m just amazed that they accommodated Aoyama with his own, germ-free, air-filtered hotel room. It’s even funnier that everyone else is stuck with a crappy, beat-up inn.

Moka gets to play against Aoyama in soccer at one point. Surprisingly, she’s really good at soccer, almost giving Aoyama a run for his (presumably) squeaky clean money. If Fujimi High had a girls soccer team, Moka would easily get a spot in the roster. I don’t know if she would take the spot though since that would mean less time away from Aoyama. I particularly like the bit where Moka fakes an injury (it was bound to happen in a soccer anime) only to be reminded by Aoyama that he dislikes seeing foul play. Moka regrets her decision pretty quickly but at least she got some praise from Aoyama for her dribbling.

Personally, I think the episode saved the best for last with the little test of courage. It’s a common cliche in anime but man I really liked seeing this cast of characters go through it. Every single moment of the scene was hilarious from Aoyama cleaning up the fake blood to Moka beating up her classmates who are pretending to be zombies to Mio prancing through the hall because she’s not scared. The very scene itself saves a really good joke for the end which I won’t spoil but it is the only genuinely horrifying moment in the scene.

Other Thoughts:

  • Zaizen’s dad was pretty funny; a neat cross between super serious CEO to doting father. I kind of wish he had more screentime.
  • I love that the judo captain makes a cameo in this episode. Good grief, he’s still stalking Umeya. I hope this continues for the rest of the show.
  • The post-credit scene…..looks like things will be a bit more serious next episode. I suppose that would make this episode a calm before the storm kind of event.

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