My Hero Academia – Ep. 35

From my understanding, all these fights happen in the manga but the first two are more elaborated here. Is Bones perhaps doing this for padding and to reach that 25 episode number for Season 2? Maybe. It’s still a pretty darn entertaining episode nonetheless.

I don’t want to complain about the staff taking liberties too much because that means we get to see more of Froppy kicking butt and….come on, it’s Froppy, of course I won’t complain. She’s even paired with Tokoyami who I think is also one of the coolest supportive characters in the show. It’s a pretty interesting pair-up since Tokoyami’s Quirk makes him a very specialized fighter while Froppy can offer a lot of utility. Under the most ideal circumstances, Dark Shadow is really powerful while Froppy’s agility and versatility can patch up any weaknesses Tokoyami experiences. I also really like how well the two worked together; coming to the conclusion that escape is the better option but nevertheless having a trick in their sleeve if they have to defeat Ectoplasm.

I wish Iida and Ojiro’s test was a bit longer but, brief as it was, how they pass the test was spectacular. I hope there’ll be a gif of Iida spin throwing his classmate to the finish line;  that was a nice piece of animation. Ojiro largely just follows Iida’s lead but that does at least show that Iida has exceptional leadership skills and he’s able to get his teammates to trust in his decisions.

The real big event in this episode is Momo and Todoroki teaming up against Eraserhead for their final exam. I didn’t really write about Momo’s character in my Episodes 1-12 post (since I had to skim through 12 episodes…) so let me now state that I was curious how Momo was doing after the sports festival. After losing so quickly to Tokoyami, it’s clear that Momo has started to doubt herself as a strategist. She can think of good strategies and her creation Quirk supports that mindset really well. But one thing her fight with Tokoyami illustrated is that she can overthink things and that can keep her distracted or indecisive during a fight.

When you’re presented with a large and supportive cast, you never know if the story will actually get around to everyone. Fortunately, Boku no Hero is the kind of story where almost everyone gets the spotlight at some point. I do like that Todoroki knew that Yaoyazoru wasn’t feeling too confident and tried to be considerate by coming up with a strategy for her. It’s a kind gesture (and no wonder people ship these two together) but as Eraserhead points out, Todoroki should consider what his teammates thinks.

Once Todoroki took the advice to heart, he decides to listen to his partner’s plan and put all of his trust in her. As it turns out, Momo’s plan is a lot better; it’s certainly more thought out than her running away while Todoroki keeps their teacher distracted. I like the idea of replicating Eraserhead’s weapon to confuse him while also making it out of a different material which Todoroki can then heat up and restrain him. It’s a neat combination of Todoroki’s specialty and Momo’s utility and versatility (kind of like Froppy and Tokoyami come to think about it).

In the end, Momo’s little arc comes to a satisfying end with her feeling a lot more confident about herself. She even gets gets some acknowledgment and praise from Todoroki which….well, I’m beginning to see why people ship these two together.

Other Thoughts: 

  • Nice to know that Eraserhead is still a beast despite his injuries in Season 1. Sure, his Quirk has a delay to it now but that didn’t stop him from tailing his students and getting the upper hand on them from time to time.
  • I actually wondered if Momo was hiding something useful in those matryoshka dolls and when it turned out she made flash grenades inside them, I was pretty happy to find out I was on the money.
  • I’m fairly certain that Eraserhead held back at the very end; Momo even pointed out that her plan went a bit too well. I wonder if it would’ve been for Eraserhead to beat them and still acknowledge their plan but I guess for Momo’s sake, it’s better to let her little mistake fly and give her the victory.
  • The very second Aoyama asks Uraraka if she likes Deku, I was like “OH SNAP!”.
  • The more I see these characters work together as teams, the more I’m wondering how Deku can even get Kacchan to cooperate with him.

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One thought on “My Hero Academia – Ep. 35

  1. I’m also kind of wondering what Midoriya and Bakugou are going to do given it seems really unlikely that they are suddenly going to have a heart to heart. Really enjoying these episodes still and the characters are always fun to learn more about. Todoroki and Yaoyorozu were adorable this episode and I’m really glad they both gained something from the experience. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on the episode.

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