Clean Freak! Aoyama-kun – Ep. 11

In this episode, Sakai copied Aoyama’s hair and has tricked all the girls and the God of Soccer (who apparently exists) into thinking that he’s the new soccer genius. Zaizen doesn’t want to lose his role as Strike to Sakai so he trains with Moka to improve his hit rate of 20%. That’s quite honestly the entire episode in a nutshell.

I didn’t really think this episode was that funny save for a few minutes. The idea of someone imitating Aoyama’s hair is a funny idea but it’s not executed that well. To begin with, it’s Sakai of all people who of the three comic reliefs, is easily the most forgettable one. And furthermore, it’s just Sakai who even has this zany idea. I’m just saying, if you’re going to have a copycat episode, you should go full on 2010 Justin Bieber haircut copycat level. I would’ve loved to see every schoolboy get the same idea and replicate it. We already know everyone on campus is obsessed with Aoyama so why not?

To be fair, I actually did think Zaizen getting trained by Moka was pretty funny. For one, we get to see Zaizen’s dad again who is both strict and doting at the same time. Finding out that the dad would resort to bribing the couch really explains why Zaizen isn’t properly motivated to train. And Moka pulling her baseball bat still cracks me up. I love seeing her get annoyed with both Zaizen and his dad and threatens to beat them both up unless Zaizen reaches a 50% hit rate. And while I’m at it, it was just as hilarious when Moka got irked by Sakai’s fixation on Aoyama at the end of the episode.

You probably noticed that I hardly mentioned Aoyama himself. That’s because he was barely in this episode. I suppose it’s rather in character that Sakai’s imitation doesn’t faze Aoyama in the slightest. At the same time, I feel as though Aoyama was horribly underutilized. I would’ve liked to see Sakai stalking Aoyama to figure out how to best copy him. Instead, he just….uses conditions his hair differently…how did he trick the God of Soccer again?

Oh well. This was a fairly weak episode save for a few jokes….moving on.

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