The Ancient Magus’ Bride – Ep. 2

Two episodes in and it feels like Those Awaiting a Star was one gigantic tease. A really good tease, mind you, but getting into the main body of work has made me realize that there is quite a lot to learn about this world. This episode is largely set-up but a ton of vital information is given to us, particularly in regards to how magic works and how the society of mages operates.

With Chise now a part of Elias’s life, it’s only natural that she gets introduced to some of his associates. Oddly enough, the one that’s still a enigma is the first one Chise meets (who actually appeared in the last episode), the landlady of Elias’s house, Silky. She certainly appears to be a fairy who performs all the housework and cooking but I can’t imagine she simply got hired for the job. Maybe she has a special contract with Elias or she’s attached to the house on some spiritual level. I wonder if there’s also a story surrounding the fact that Silky doesn’t speak. One thing that is quite evident at least is that it does seem that Silky has taken a liking to Chise. I love how she just randomly gives Chise a hug as the latter eats a sandwich.

In the next scene, Elias takes Chise to London where he introduces her to Angelica, a mage who specializes in crafting magical equipment. Save for a few magical doohickeys, Angelica’s shop looks awfully modern. You can clearly see all sorts of power tools in the background and Angelica looks more like your everyday engineer than a magical craftsman. It’s also around this part in the episode where we’re given a proper (though perhaps streamlined) elaboration on how magic works. There’s apparently a clear distinction between sorcerers and mages. Sorcerers are more like scientists who can manipulate the laws of reality while mages (who are becoming increasingly rare in numbers) are the legit miracle workers who are magically aided by fairies.

Having piqued Chise’s interests, Angelica offers to let the girl try magic out for the first time. Though the goal was for Chise to shape a crystal into a flower from her memory, the test run produces a rather dramatic result as Chise ends up recreating an entire field of poppies instead. Memories appear to be a powerful force in the field of magic though it does merit concern that Chise was recalling a moment she shared with her mother. No doubt, the death of Chise’s mother seems to have been a major factor in the constant abandonment Chise faced in life. I can’t imagine recalling anything related to that person will bode well for Chise’s ability to cast magic

After that peculiar bit of spell-casting, Chise is introduced to another one of Elias’s accomplice: a local priest and pastor named Simon. Elias’s relationship with the man is interesting to say the least. There’s definitely some unfriendliness between mages and the Church though it does seem as though Simon doesn’t carry as much fear and prejudice as the higher ups at the church do. Sometimes, Simon comes across as rather sarcastic about how much Elias intimidates him and the priest/pastor does seem to respect Elias for the medicine he crafts for the village. Elias doesn’t appear to benefit much from his relationship with the Church, however. He goes as far as to say he feels he’s being managed by them. Elias runs some errands for them and the workload is apparently increasing in response to the fact the Elias has taken Chise as his apprentice. Regardless, this job does appear to be a major part of Elias’s daily life.

The ending of Episode 2 is surprisingly intense. Admittedly, sightseeing some dragons is a dangerous task to begin with (really letting Chise tackle the world of magic head on, huh?) but I certainly wasn’t expecting Chise to get whisked away by one (let alone one controlled by a rider). I suppose it was natural for Elias to have his own fair share of enemies and it seems that the next episode will explore how he aims to protect Chise from them.

Other Thoughts:

  • I was wondering how Elias gets by undetected whenever he does go to public places and that bit gets justified in this episode as Elias can use magic to imitate a human face. The face does fit Elias’s voice and mannerisms though I am with Chise that something about it does look faker than his skeletal face.
  • All things considered, I’m impressed that Elias’s plan to marry Chise hasn’t come across to me as creepy though it is nice that Angelica and Simon acknowledge that his approach has been rather atypical. I particularly thought it was really funny when Angelica punches Elias upon finding out he washed Chise last episode.
  • Is the lizard fairy thing Chise sees when she’s eating a sandwich the same one she encountered at Angelica’s shop? If so, then these creatures really do gravitate towards her.

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2 thoughts on “The Ancient Magus’ Bride – Ep. 2

  1. I am really loving the world building going on in this episode and I just think this series has been pure joy so far to watch. The story isn’t exactly in a hurry to get moving, but I don’t think it really needs to be given everything else has been so interesting. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on it.

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    1. I agree, I’m very content with how the story is progressing since I find the characters and setting really interesting so far. The OVA kind of paced similarly so that helped me get used to how the main story paces. Thanks for leaving a comment! I really appreciate it!

      Liked by 1 person

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