Lightning Round (10/31/2017) – Konohana Kitan | Net-juu no Susume | Animegataris

I’ve been fiddling a little bit with the Lightning Round format since I very clearly failed at making it a weekly thing last season. These past few weeks, I found it a convenient approach for when there’s an influx of premieres because let’s face it, I can’t write 20-30 standalone First Impressions and even if I could, it’d just clog up the front page of my blog. In the case of this post, I actually aim on making the following three featured shows Filler material for my watch list but I figured I’d give some updated impressions anyway.

Konohana Kitan

Episodes 2 & 3 

I will confess that if I was to drop one more CGDCT anime this season, it probably would have been Konohana Kitan. I do find Shoujo Shuumatsu Ryokou Blend S far more appealing and if I was watching Love Live!! Sunshine! (need to get around to that), the competition would be even stiffer. But I bring this up less as a detriment to the show but rather as a telling sign that it must be doing something right if I’m still watching it.

As I mentioned in my First Impressions, the show really is that darn cute.  Yes, all the main characters are fox girls to amp the moe but they are so adorable that I can’t even fault the show for that. And on a less petty note, I have enjoyed getting to learn more about each and every character from their quirks to their backstories to their insecurities. Yuzu is still my favorite of the bunch though. Seriously, someone give this girl a hug. Occasionally, she surprises me with how perceptive she can be about her friends which is a little surprising given the fact that she used to live in solitude.

Unless, I have an astonishing lack of time or there’s a serious nosedive in quality, I don’t see myself dropping Konahana Kitan anytime soon. It’s largely just a pleasant and comfy experience but right now, that’s all I really need.

Netjuu no Susume 

Episodes 2 & 3

So much like Konohana KitanNet-juu no Susume has also just been pleasant and comfy and that’s been fine with me. I simply adore the relationship between Moriko/Hayashi and Yuuta/Lily. It’s both charming and earnest to me which is good since the show centers around the validity of an online relationship compared to a real one. We’re also now at a point where the two have met in real life and it’s interesting how much more open these characters are in the MMO as opposed to in real life. That might change when Moriko and Yuuta finally realize each other’s identity (which is probably the next episode for all I know), but it’s been fun seeing their online and real life chemistry develop concurrently.

I also have to give props to the show for how careful it’s been with depicting Moriko’s NEET status. A lot of anime these days really like making their NEET characters a bunch of losers and while I will admit that there can a pitiful aspect to that trope, I’m glad that Moriko is a NEET for the sake of her own mental health. It’s becoming increasingly clear that she quit her job out of pure stress and that’s a very believable reason because getting overworked is sadly an actual health problem in Japan. I do hoe that Moriko will eventually crawl of the hole she’s dug herself into (probably with Yuuta’s help since he works at the same company….) but for now, I sympathize a lot towards her current situation.


Episodes 2 & 3

Alright, someone clearly did their homework for Animegataris because not only is this show just churning out reference after reference, it has a very accurate grasp on what the anime community is like. Frankly, I find the latter aspect far more appealing than the former. I mean, I do dig the nods to Madoka and Love Live! and it was pretty cheeky to play the Akiba’s Trip OP during the Akihabara scene. 

But if I’m being honest, I really enjoy the conversations these characters have. It genuinely feels like anime fans talking about anime and I like that every character seems to have their own way on how to best enjoy anime. Even Minoa fulfills the role of that one newbie in the club who wants to get into anime but also can’t handle how much anime there is to watch (you’re not alone Minoa….). Sometimes, the show even gets a little clever with its material. I really have to tip my hat to whoever made sure the characters talk about the three episode rule during the third episode.

As for the talking cat, he’s actually a lot less prevalent than I expected. He more or less pops up, talks, and then just sort of fades into the background. I suppose I’m okay with this since I was simply more interested in the anime club stuff….but I still don’t get why he exists in the first place. And I can’t help but jokingly assume that Minoa is actually hallucinating during these moments since the cat only talks to her.

Other Shows

Boku no Kanojo ga Majimesugiru Sho-bitch na Ken (Eps. 2-3) — I’m liking how genuine Haruka and Akiho’s relationship is, to the point that more ecchi or harem moments feel really distracting. It still elicits a couple of chuckles from me per episode so nothing has convinced me to drop the show just yet.

Houseki no Kuni (Ep. 2) — Dropped. The setting seems pretty interesting but I kept finding the characters either bland or annoying (just do your stinking job, Phos). Still, I am noticing that this show is gaining a following, so if I keep hearing good things, I might reconsider.

Juuni Taisen (Eps. 2-3) — There are Chinese Zodiac warriors…they kill each other…and that’s pretty much it. I don’t find the show particularly deep but there’s been some fun surprises here and there and the powers are admittedly pretty cool. I’ll stick with the show for just a little bit longer.

Urahara (Ep. 2) — Dropped. The first episode was weird enough to merit one more chacne but I found myself pretty bored with the second episode. Something about the dialogue and storyboarding just feels off to me; like the show is only paying attention to itself on occasion.

Also gave Inuyashiki & Kujira no Kora wa Sajou ni Utau another episode. Found myself less interested in those shows the second time but I’ll give one more episode just to be more sure.


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