The Ancient Magus’ Bride – Ep. 3

Yay! I’m finally back to The Ancient Magus’ Bride after almost three weeks of…not finding the time to watch it. I’ve already mentioned this in other posts but long story short, life got super busy for me as of late and even with the other anime I’m watching this season, I only had time to watch and blog about them one episode at time.  Well now, I finally had a weekend where I could just crash in my room and binge through anime and I finally made progress with The Ancient Magus’ Bride.

Episode 2 had a pretty intense cliffhanger ending but it turns out that Chise’s captor, Lindel, is actually a kind shepherd of sorts who’s taking care of the last haven of dragons in the world. Honestly, I get the impression that Lindel kidnapped Chise simply because trolling Elias is fun (amusingly enough, Lindel is older than Elias). And his dragons are awfully gentle creatures; even the three childlike dragons Chise hangs outs with are, well, very childlike! Still, this episode does hit me with serious feels when Chise has a very heartfelt conversation with a old and dying dragon named Nevin.

It has become increasingly obvious that Chise was, and perhaps still is, suicidal. You certainly get that sense in her flashback as her mother’s suicide and years of abandonment and scorn leads to her falling off of a building. And while her life is clearly taking a turn for the better, it seems that these thoughts still linger in Chise’s head. Prior to a flashback, there’s a scene where the dragon holding onto to Chise accidentally flings her into the river. It’s a pretty funny scene at first but it quickly takes a darker turn as Chise lets herself sink in the water. Had Elias not telepathically snap her out of it, I think Chise would honestly let herself drown.

Nevin, meanwhile, is a perfect contrast to Chise, a dragon who has lived long enough to appreciate the world he has occupied and is at peace with the fact that all things must come to an end. The manner in which Nevin’s species of dragons dies is an interesting detail in of itself. Upon dying, a tree grows out of his body, providing a fertile foundation for other plantlife to follow. This makes Nevin’s brief role in the show very poetic as not only does Nevin pave the way for a new life in a literal sense, he also encourages Chise to become more optimistic about her own life. Said encouragement is not solely given in the form of words as Nevin combines Chise’s magic with his own to let Chise experience a memory where he flies off into the sunset. Simply put, this is a beautiful scene. The visuals, the music, Chise’s own expressions, everything about this scene is wonderful.

As compelling as Nevin’s advice is, I have to wonder just how much of it does Chise readily embrace. Even though Chise can’t disagree with Nevin that the living shouldn’t envy the dead, she nevertheless does envy how peacefully the wise and old dragon dies. It’ll probably take a while until Chise gains a full appreciation of Nevin’s kind words. I just hope it happens in time as during this episode, we also find out that Sleigh Beggies suffer from a short span due to how easily they can exhaust their powers. By Lindel’s estimation, Chise is likely to die in three years. There’s a timer on Chise’s arc and that has me very worried. Not valuing your life is one thing, realizing you do value it when it’s too late is another.

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