Blend S – Eps. 4 & 5

Been catching up on Blend S. Up until this point, I didn’t really make any decision about whether or not to blog about the show. And this far in, I do admit that it is pretty straightforward and innocuous. That said, I kind of just like talking about Blend S so maybe I’ll keep this up.

Episode 4

I knew Miu would be the fourth waitress (I mean…she’s in the OP) but I didn’t think this is how she’d join the crew. I’m just greatly amused that a woman who left her hentai at a public cafe, not only gets hired by said cafe but also happens to be the one who published said hentai!

But in all seriousness, Miu looks like she’ll fit right in. Not only does she look the part of the onee-san (and I do mean onee-san), her profession as a doujinshi author lets her play the role with ease. There’s also this amusing quirk of hers where she gets random bursts of inspiration from stuff she’s seeing and uses it as material for her project. Some of what she’s writing and drawing sounds a bit….well, they did establish she does all-ages stuff on occasion so who knows.

I was a little afraid that Maika might be a little too freaked out about working with Miu. Her reaction to Miu’s field of work, priceless though it may be, reminds you that her innocent brain can only take so much. But once Maika.exe starts working again, we see that she’s getting along with Miu quite nicely. In fact, seeing Miu act as the onee-san with such ease motivates Maika to work even harder. And that of course results in her being more sadistic by accident.

Frankly, I’m confused over who would actually suggest that Maika needs to be more sadistic. What she’s currently doing ought to suffice. Still, the crew wants to see if they can make Maika more sadistic so they come up with the brilliant plan of subjecting the poor girl to every single violent and/or sadistic piece of media they have at their disposal. 

The result? Well, I think it’s safe to say that the crew has created a monster. It’s almost like the training traumatized Maika and this far more sadistic side of her is a split personality. Naturally, the crew comes to the conclusion that this Maika can’t be released to the public. Maybe someone would actually pay for this but the risk is too high for Stile. Besides, who needs Maika whipping and sitting on people when her “water torture” does the trick?

Episode 5

Not going to lie, I was a little bummed out that Miu is only in this episode for like 30 seconds. That aside, this is yet another entertaining episode of Blend S.

I’m still a little wary about shipping Maika with Dino but with every new episode, I’ve been finding myself more okay with this possibility. It really helps that as sexually attracted as Dino might be to Maika, he does his darnedest to act gentlemanly towards her. Moments like when he offers hair treatment to Maika or escort the girl to the train station when it’s pouring is not only tamed but just downright charming. Blend S has been walking a very fine line with this pairing but so far, I’ve yet to see it cross it.

There’s also some shipping material with Kaho and Akizuki as the two end up trapped in the break room together. Again, I think the show needs to be a bit careful with this kind of material but there is potential in pairing our two socially-awkward otakus. I do admit that it is very funny seeing the two get in a somewhat intimate moment only for them to both lose their minds and instead scream for someone to unlock the door.

The next day, we find out Maika got sick from the rain (the #1 cause of all anime common colds) so Kaho, Mafuyu, and Dino decide to pay her a visit. Personally, I think this is the highlight of Episode 5. It was very entertaining to find out that unintentional sadism kind of just runs in the Sakuranomiya family. Dino gets the brunt of Maika’s brother and sister’s breed of hospitality, complete with dozens of flavors of tea and super hard rice cookies. It also doesn’t help that Maika’s siblings assume Dino is their sister’s boyfriend so the poor manage gets subjected to a lengthy interrogation. This naturally angers Maika off and evidently there is only one true sadist in this family. I love the little Terminator eyes drawn on Maika on this scene. It’s cute but it really does drive home that the air gets heavier when Maika does actually get sadistic. So moral of the story: don’t ever piss off Maika. Ever.

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