Shokugeki no Souma: San no Sara – Ep. 9

Note from Xeno: Got very busy during Thanksgiving break and had to deal with a lot of post-Thanksgiving college assignment. I’m back though so let’s get things going again.

You know, the bar’s already been lowered and yet I keep finding more head scratchers with this arc the farther I get through it. And I know Shokugeki no Souma was never a super realistic show to begin with but all the arcs prior to this one weren’t this confounding.

I can’t say I’m terribly surprised that Ishiki got booted out of the Elite Ten. Honestly, you’d think Azami would’ve done that from the beginning since Ishiki values the individual talents of his friends. I will admit that it was funny that Polar Star thought he might’ve turned on them. It could certainly kind of looked that way since Ishiki didn’t show up to oppose the eviction like everyone else. Still, I think how he handled things was really admirable. If he didn’t play along, things could’ve escalated so it’d be better to have faith that Souma would beat Eizan.

Right before Ishiki loses his position though, he sets up rules that ensure that Central use neutral judges for the Shokugekis between them and the remaining clubs. That would make for a glorious middle finger to Central if it wasn’t for the fact that it means jack shit. First of all, shouldn’t the clubs that lost because of Eizan’s cheating get a rematch? Are we really just letting all that illegality slide? Second, if you’re an extra in Shokugeki no Souma, you might as well kiss your club goodbye. No nameless student has ever accomplished anything in this show. It hardly matters who the opponent will be: be it that Elite Ten member who amputates her teddy bear’s hands for mittens or one of those henchman that the story will eventually forget about.

Oh well, maybe Ryo’s match against Kusunoki will be fun. The theme is seafood which is Ryo’s specialty so if he loses, I’ll be just as mad as Alice. Frankly, there isn’t any real stake in this match anyway. The losing condition is the choice between expulsion or disbanding a club and any student would choose to the latter. Alice is saving a club that she’s only a part of on paper and Ryo is just fighting because he got pissed off. I guess maybe Ryo’s pride is on the line but good grief, that is such a weak reason for what might as well be filler content.


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