Girls’ Last Tour – Ep. 6

I wasn’t really expecting another guest character anytime soon. I did enjoy Kanazawa’s appearance in Episode 3 a lot but the chemistry between Chito and Yuuri has been so good, that I’ve been very content with just having those two on screen. Still, it is a nice change of pace to see these girls interact with another human being every once in a while. And as brief as Ishii’s appearance may be, I thought she was a neat addition to the cast. She appears very determined and calm despite how lonely she must’ve been and how risky her plan is.

Even when devoting an entire plot to half an hour, Chito and Yuuri’s adventure is very straightforward. Their Kettenkrad breaks down and they meet Isshi by chance. Ishii offers to repair the vehicle and in return, the girls help her complete her plane. And after a few days, they accomplish both tasks and bid each other farewell. It’s so simple and yet the experience of watching is as engaging as past adventures have been. I just love this watching these three characters working together in this strange wasteland full of steel beams. There’s also some interesting worldbuilding going on as well. It never occurred to me that Chito and Yuuri have been traveling through the same city for six episodes but this episode nevertheless confirms its massive size. Ishii hopes that flying her plane can let her easily escape it and travel to another city she saw in the distance.

It seems that no one in this world truly knows what to do with their lives. Our own leads, Chito and Yuuri certainly don’t have any end goal besides leave the city and find more resources. In fact, when Chito is fixing the Kettenkrad at the beginning of the episode, Yuuri is awfully content with the hopelessness of their situation. This seems to extend to our guest characters as well. Kanazawa prided himself of his cartography that he almost considers giving up on life after losing his maps. In Ishii’s case, flying a plane does sound convenient but for all everyone knows, the next city is probably as desolate as the one they’re currently in. Then again, maybe she has a point that it’s better to keep moving rather than die along with the location you’re stuck in.

I can’t help but wonder if it’s maybe a bit cruel to have Ishii survive her plane falling apart at the end of the episode. Not that I really want the show to kill her off but with her dreams of flying away effectively dashed, what will she do from here on out? I doubt she’d try to make another plane; forget needing Chito and Yuuri’s help again, materials were already hard to come by. And given the size of this city and how lost our main girls get, it would probably take a long time for Ishii to find her lab or any lab again.

Perhaps Ishii needing to start things anew fits in line with the commentary offered in Girls’ Last Tour. Something similar happened with Kanazawa; that man loses all of his maps and has to redo them all from scratch. It seems that even in a world as ruined as this one, life will always throw curve balls at your life goals. Conversely, Chito and Yuuri don’t really have a goal. It’s been just wandering from one place to the next while procuring resources for six episodes. Still, that mindset isn’t really treated as a preferable one and after every event, these girls at left to figure out what to do next.

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