Girls’ Last Tour – Eps. 7 & 8


Chito and Yuuri head out to find the potato factory Ishii mentioned last episode though oddly enough, they find themselves traversing on top of giant pipes to get there. Eventually, they realize the pipes are actually tunnels with very convenient arrows pointing them to the potatoes.

Once again, the contrast between the two girls is apparent here. Chito is a practical girl trying to play things safe using some ropes (especially given her fear of heights) while Yuuri is more of a daredevil. I still really like how these two play off each other. On one hand, Chito needs Yuuri to motivate her to keep traversing on the pipes. On the other, Yuuri needs Chito to convince her to stick with following the arrows, even if wandering around would be more adventurous. They’re practically two sides of the same coin and it’s clear that either girl would’ve been dead by now if they did not have the help of the other.


After the girls collect the sole remaining potato in the facility, they stumble into a room full of cooking equipment and ingredients. Chito almost gets torn to pieces after Yuuri accidentally turned on the conveyor belt to a shredder the former is standing on. I know these two are friends but it sure astounds me how many times Yuuri has almost killed Chito. No wonder Chito had that nightmare in Episode 5 where Yuuri eats her…

Anyway, the two procure enough ingredients to go along with the potato and they manage to make some rations. It’s pretty much them baking step by step but the meticulous nature of the scene has a nice, pleasant tone to it and I couldn’t think of a more charming way to end the episode.


I’ve really enjoyed the locations presented in Girls’ Last Tour and this particular one featured in “Memory” might be one of the most memorable ones yet. Shelves upon shelves of drawers in the outdoors is a strange sight and yet I can’t help but ponder with the girls as to what purpose it must’ve served before the world ended. Chito later deduces that the drawers are grave markers though it interests me that they largely contain the belongings of the deceased. Not that I ever expected this show to get graphically morbid but it stuns me that this world is devoid of humans, both living and dead. It’s practically like humanity outright disappeared. Even more open-ended is the question the girls raised during this segment. Girls’ Last Tour has meditated about the past but the question regarding who remembers the dead when everyone has died really got me thinking.


This segment has the two driving up a spiral tower. They hit a pit at one point and has to take a slight detour on a more unstable platform. Again, the show makes it clear how these two help each other help. While Chito is the one who can drive the Kettenkrad, it really is Yuuri who steps in when the former is too paralyzed with fear. I doubt the vehicle would’ve reach the exit before the platform collapsed had Yuuri not step in and hit the accelerator for the frightened Chito. Once they reach safety, the two make an interesting analogy comparing life with the spiral nature of the tower. It’s a sound analogy at that; we more or less do the same things every day and yet our lives keep going forward.


Frankly, I think a more appropriate title than “Moonlight” would’ve been “Getting Drunk”. No seriously, the girls actually find beer and get drunk! That actually happens! How old are these girls anyway? I have to ask considering the many logic loopholes various anime have used to curb around the matter of underage drinking. I guess the logic here is since we don’t know what country this story is set in and anyone running the law is dead, who cares?! Oh well, it’s quite a sight to see the girls drunk. Yuuri seems pretty sober but Chito practically becomes a second version of the former once the alcohol kicks in.

As amusing as it is, this is a really interesting way to end this episode. We’ve had the duo question life and death throughout this episode and even experience how easily they can die in this world (certainly Chito has). They may be drunk but this is a moment where they’re just happy; basking in the moonlight and dancing to their hearts’ content. Life may be fleeting but it sure can be fun and Chito and Yuuri seem to be aware of that, even in a subconscious sense.

Also, that drunk humming version of “Amadare no Uta” (the ED from Episode 5) is just perfect. What a terrific way to compliment this wonderful scene.

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