First(ish) Impressions Lightning Round – Winter 2018 Loose Ends

I think this definitely qualifies as a Lightning Round.

So this post will be covering a bunch of shows that almost flew by my radar during the influx of premieres. It’s kind of like the “Other Shows” section I used in my First Impressions posts for Fall 2017 though it’s now consolidated into one post. I’ll probably be doing this sort of thing every season from now on. It’s hard keeping up with so many new anime, let alone write about them with other commitments in life. Hopefully, this post will help me catch my breath while still covering enough ground.

I’m also covering the Winter 2018 short series here. In the past, I waited to binge them but honestly, I found myself constantly forgetting that they exist. It’s probably better to watch them while tryouts are still prevalent in my mind.

Mitchiri Neko (Eps. 1-3) There were cats….I can confirm that much. I think this is geared towards children so I won’t harp on this show too much and I’ll pass on this show.

Hataraku Onii-san! (Eps. 1-2) — Another short anime about cats. There’s actual characters and a semblance of a story so I guess it’s a little more nuanced than Mitchiri Neko. Other than that, I think this is also for kids so I’ll pass on this as well.

Idolish7 (Eps. 1-3) — The release date for Idolish7 was a little confusing since it technically did an advanced broadcast in November. Oh well, I’ll count it as a Winter 2018 show since it is airing this season. Anyway, I’m not too fond of the idol genre but I actually enjoyed Idolish7 a fair amount. Simply put, I just find the characters’ chemistry likable and natural. Even Tsumugi, the self-insert producer is pretty charming herself. By the standards of the idol genre, the music and dance animation seems pretty competent too. I can see myself dropping this show for time but if I do, I’d be a bit reluctant about it.

Dame x Prince Anime Caravan (Ep. 1)  This was a pleasant surprise for me; in fact, I found myself snickering a lot throughout this premiere. Simply put, I’m really liking the main character, Ani. It’s so funny just how self-aware she is about her reverse harem scenario. Rather than gawk over all the stereotypical love interests, this little bumpkin princess is just in pure disbelief at how stupid they actually are when she’s taking a political meeting as seriously as diplomat should. At the same time, there is some compelling material for shippings. If Ani hooked up with the narcissistic Narek or her useless knight Teo, it wouldn’t surprise me. How it happens though would probably be entertaining. I’ll definitely stick with this show for a little bit longer.

Maerchen Maedchen (Ep. 1) — I’ll wholeheartedly admit that Maerchan Maedchen has serious flaws. The visuals look fine but the repeated footage (especially during the OP) makes it painfully obvious that some corners were cut here. I get that Hazuki’s arc alludes to Cinderella but it seems held back by the fact that her step-family is just unsure of how to connect with her rather being outright evil to her. There’s flaws but I admit that I still enjoyed this. I love the concept of magical girls drawing their powers from classical literature so I’m curious to learn more about it. And as a socially anxious person, I really relate with Hazuki’s personality and fears. I’m feeling a little generous here so I’ll give this one more episode.

Miira no Kaikata (Ep. 1) Between this and the original Yu-Gi-Oh!, I really need to question the extent of anime’s knowledge regarding Ancient Egypt. In all seriousness, I wasn’t that into Miira no Kaikata. It has its moments and this premiere was well-paced but I think the charm of a chibi mummy begins and ends there. I’m not even that interested to see the other monsters either. I’ll see what others think but I’ll most likely pass on this one.

Takunomi (Ep. 1)  I feel like someone saw Osake wa Fuufu ni Natte kara last season, said “Hold My Beer” and greenlit this show. This seems alright. There’s enough antics to justify the 12 minute runtime and I like how down-to-earth these characters are. The one thing that I really irked me though was how blatantly commercial this show can get. I think it’s safe to say this show was sponsored by Yebisu in some way. I got my CGDCT niche covered this season but I’ll give Takunomi one more episode before I pass judgment.

Hakumei to Mikochi (Ep. 1) — I’ve seriously seen enough cute stuff for one stinking month though my fatigue aside, I wasn’t too thrilled about Hakumei to Mikochi on its own merits. This is definitely the most iyashikei of the bunch as the narrative is very much the two titular protagonists observing the world they live in. I kind of like how it feels like a storybook you’d tell to your children but the idea of people being microscopic size has really short-term appeal to me. I don’t think there’s enough to keep me invested for a whole cour.

Hakata Tonkotsu Ramens (Ep. 1) — This reminds of Durarara!! a bit in how the story is set in an urban environment and jumps between various perspectives. It’s hilariously amazing how almost every person here is an assassin though strangely, all of this material is played dead serious. Personally, I think the story would be stronger if it was more aware of how crazy its premise is. Still, I had fun figuring out how everyone’s agendas come together so maybe I’ll watch a little more of this.

Killing Bites (Ep. 1) — I generally don’t care for shows that hinge so much on violence and fanservice but to Killing Bites‘s credit, it does its job fairly well. It’s hard to deny that a chimera deathmatch just screams “cool” and while the fanservice is gratuitous, it’s not insultingly pandering. I also do admire that this show didn’t go about with a censored version (those nipples can most certainly be seen on Amazon Video). I don’t care for that kind of content and even I feel like the people making them should just go all-out if they’re already keen about it on paper. I don’t plan on watching more but I surprisingly thought this was not half-bad.



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