Mitsuboshi Colors – Ep. 2

Another quickie here. Again, I got a busy schedule so I’m just getting my thoughts out whenever I can.

Great Friends — I’m only at Episode 2 and I already think Yui might need better friends than Sat-chan and Kotoha. Ditching her for 3DS Street Passes is so cruel! What made this segment even funnier was how Sat-chan and Kotoha actually forgot that they abandoned their friend and aren’t too apologetic for their actions. I also laughed so hard when Sat-chan threatened to scream if a passing bystander doesn’t hand over his 3DS to her. Between this and Yui crying to Saito for help, I think the Colors are very capable are causing trouble for the adults in their town.

Who Wants to Talk About Murders? — Growing up, I was always curious when I see yellow caution tape used in public so I related a lot with the second segment of the episode. Of course, the actual reason for why there’s some areas taped off is quite simple — it’s to prevent people from getting wet paint on themselves. Still, I love how these girls, especially Kotoha, come up with all sorts of strange explanations for the tapes. They do make inferences from their surroundings but naturally their imagination fills in the gaps in crazy ways. Just one look at a random guy and they think he’s the culprit.

Dead People = Clean Pond The Colors’ efforts to clean the pond sure escalated. Their teenage friend, Nono, isn’t wrong that nature would be free of a lot of problems if mankind wasn’t around but of course, Kotoha interprets this as “All of Mankind must Die”. Honestly, if Kotoha grew up to be a murderer, I wouldn’t be surprised. How Yui comes to the conclusion that they should quick the clean up project and spare humanity from the Colors’ wrath was even funnier. Yes, the pond may still get polluted but by not killing everyone in the world, humanity is saved and thus, the Colors succeed in keeping their town safe? If there is one thing I think Mitsuboshi Colors absolutely nails is replicating the kind of logic children uses in their daily lives.

Overall, this was another solid episode of Mitsuboshi Colors. I’m not quite sure if I’ll cover this for a whole season but I am having fun talking about it right now and I’m liking its depiction of children a lot too.

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