Koi wa Ameagari no You ni – Ep. 2

You’ll have to excuse the more casual approach here. I’m just very busy in general and can’t always afford to write the way I normally do. I plan on using this bullet point format as a last resort from now on so I hope you’re cool with it.

Anyway, I’m here to share my thoughts on Koi wa Amegari no You ni‘s second episode. And let me tell you, this is a surprisingly wholesome experience.

  • I’m really liking the voice acting in this show. Hiroaki Hirata just sound so smooth and soft as Kondo, an interesting casting choice given the character’s pushover personality. Meanwhile, I’m surprised that Akira is voiced by a newcomer, Sayumi Watabe. For a while, I thought it was Kana Hanazawa or Saori Hayami playing the character. I’m liking Watabe’s soft-spoken register for the character.

  • Getting the impression that Takashi got hired by Kondo as a way for the creator(s) to dispel any possibility for a love triangle as early as possible. There’s just no way Takashi has a chance. Still, watching him screw around at the restaurant was funny and it’d be pretty cute if he hooked up with Yui instead.

  • Akira and Yui has an amusing exchange about what they find romantic. It’s a nice, casual way to learn more about the former. What really made this scene great was how Kayo interjects in the end and talks about how much she loves vacations and getting paid.

  • Akira’s leg injury was sort of brought up last episode though I didn’t may much attention to it until now. Perhaps Akira is feeling a little unsure about her life in general partially because her track career is now on pause.

  • Kondo just seems like a lovable oaf right now. I particularly love the part where he did a ritual to muster enough courage to help an injured Akira up. It’s necessary that he helps her but he’s also careful about overstepping any boundaries. It’s also great that he wanted to apologize to Akira’s parents about the incident. It was hardly his fault but it’s such a gentlemanly gesture.

  • The direction remains exceptional here. So much of Akira’s emotions are conveyed through body language that her crush on Kondo feels so real. There’s some really nice details such as Akira adjusting her shirt when Kondo calls her even though he’s not talking to her in person.

  • Wow, it didn’t take too long for Akira to drop the “I like you” line. I wonder if Kondo knows but downplays his reaction because of the age gap and/or he’s in disbelief Akira would fall for someone like him.

I think, sooner or later, this show will need to address whether or not it considers Akira’s feelings acceptable. Right now, it’s sort of in neutral territory. I’m impressed how pure this experience is but I’m 50-50 as to whether or not this is meant to be romantic or platonic. Still, I’m hope WIT have been keeping up the good work behind the scenes. This is shaping up to be a very compelling story.


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