Double Feature (1/28/18) – After the Rain| Darling in the FranXX

After the Rain – Ep. 3

I don’t really plan on covering more of After the Rain (I just can’t afford the time) but with three solid episodes, I am compelled enough to keep watching it. I thought this show was going to be playing a long game of “will they, won’t they?” but the ball actually got rolling in Episode 3. It’s taken three confessions but at this point, Kondo is forced to acknowledge and respond to Akira’s feelings towards him.

Lately, it’s implied that Akira’s crush might be a byproduct of her track career-shattering injury. Her feelings for Kondo might be genuine but I wonder if that desire to have a successful relationship is fueled by her failure at school. The fact that her second confession happens right after she sees her old teammates doing fine without her is a telling sign. Meanwhile, Kondo is understandably confused. It’s not just the age gap; as kind as he is, Kondo’s convinced that his financial and personal shortcomings make him undesirable to women, let alone teenage girls.

Perhaps Kondo should’ve put his foot down with rejecting Akira but given his personality, I get why he can’t completely back out of one little date with her. A relationship between a manger and his employee is problematic but hopefully things can get sorted out in future episodes. And considering how careful the show has been so far, I have faith that it’ll make things work.

Darling in the FranXX – Ep. 3

Darling in the FranXX is a number of things but it’s certainly not boring. And for what it’s worth, I actually did enjoy this episode a fair amount.

It is initially a little overwhelming dealing with so many characters but you do gradually get to know them as time goes on. Gorou and Ichigo are probably my favorites so far; the former being a nice voice of reason while the latter’s crush for Hiro provide some decent conflict. Surprisingly, I thought Zorome wasn’t half-bad here. He’s bratty but I did really like how worried he got when the klaxosaurs knock his co-pilot Miku out.

Instead of Zorome, it’s Mitsuru who decides to be the massive jerk of the week. Considering that Hiro used to be a prodigy, I suppose this need to show off is to be expected but these egos really do need to calm down. Still, Mitsuru treating everything like it’s a dick waving contest does provide progress in the story. To save his comrades, Mitsuru teams up with Zero Two and while the sync works, he gets severely injured. At this point, I think it’s safe to say that Hiro is actually compatible with Zero Two. Things are definitely getting interesting in regards to this plot.

At this point, I’m really unsure where Darling falls on my list. The tone and fanservice still bugs me but there is a clear agenda with this story and I have to admit that it’s kept me curious so far. Regardless, it passed the Three Episode Rule so I’m looking at a really big “maybe” here.

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