A Very Fateful Double Feature (2/8/18) – Emiya-chan | Fate/Extra

Not sure why I bothered with more of these shows. Maybe I’m clinging onto a chance that there’s another Fate show as good as Fate/zero. I really need to give up hope….

Emiya-chan Chi no Kyou no Gohan

Episode 2

I can’t say Emiya-chan is worth my time but it is streaming monthly and each episode is only 13 minutes long. It’s at least not demanding attention from its audience. This isn’t something I plan on continuing but eh, it does help kill some time.

For the most part, it doesn’t seem like Emiya-chan is terribly interested with changing up its formula. Shirou gets food, cooks it, and someone else from Fate/stay night pops up here and there. That’s really it. I will say this though: Lancer working at a fish market cracked me up. The dude’s one of the few Fate/stay night characters I like and seeing him sell fish is surreal to the point that it’s funny. Maybe it’s a little blasphemous that Lancer isn’t suffering here but maybe that’s part of the joke. And one last thing, Lancer and Taiga have a surprisingly charming friendship. I kind of wish that was actually a thing in Fate/stay night (and really, it could use anything to make it better).

Fate/Extra: Last Encore

Episode 2

Geez, Fate/Extra is so weird. How fitting that it’s Nasu screenwriting this and Shaft animating it. I certainly can’t think of a whackier combo than that. And I’ll admit, Shaft’s visuals, rough though they may be in some areas, are very pleasing to the eye. I’m just not convinced that the show will work in the narrative department.

This episode does have a neat set piece as Hakuno and Saber stumble upon the first stratum of whatever this weird Matrix simulation world thing is. There is something eerie about seeing a safe haven where Masters have seemingly sold their Servants for a life of peace away from the Holy Grail War. It’s a just shame that it’s largely summed up in mere exchanges of dialogue. You don’t really see Masters living these blissful lives that Shinji (who apparently became mayor I guess) claims exist.

It also doesn’t help that our lead characters are a mix bag. Saber’s fine; I kind of dig her haughty and peppy personality. I just don’t care for her character design. Mainline Saber is understandably the poster girl of this franchise but it wouldn’t have killed any character design to try beyond changing the dress and color palette. And no offense to Sakura Tange but it’s just weird seeing that similar character design and not hear Ayako Kawasumi’s voice.

As for Hakuno, the guy is just boring. He says he won’t sell Saber away but why is he compelled to do so? Apart from blunt exposition, there’s not enough material to really understand his actions. Oh but don’t worry, he still reminds us that he hates stuff. I would know because he sometimes won’t shut the hell about his so-called “hate” and apparently, he has a power that represents it. I rolled my eyes in response.

So for the second time in a row, it feels like Emiya-chan is a more appealing show to stick with. I still can’t believe I’m saying that.


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