Magical Girl Ore – Eps. 1 & 2 (First Impressions)

And so Spring 2018 begins?

What an odd way to start the Spring 2018 anime season. It’s not even April yet! Kudos to Crunchyroll though for somehow securing an early release of this show for members. Amazon used that kind of tactic a couple of times last year so I’m curious if Crunchyroll pulling it off (and by a whole week no less) is a sign that it’s expanding its influence in the anime industry.

And you know, I thought Magical Girl Ore wasn’t half-bad. Not for me, mind you. These kinds of parody shows tend to wear thin for me and while I did chuckle here and there, I can’t imagine watching any more of this. To be frank, I think the reason why the main girls turn into guys upon transformation is really weak. They switch genders because…the show argues that men have stronger physiques than women….yeah. That’s seriously the reason.

But like I said, it was funny from time to time. I especially got a kick out of seeing a Yakuza looking person be the magical contractor. Considering how shady contractors have been in recent mahou shoujo anime, that seems mighty appropriate.

And you know, I thought the character dynamic between Saki and Sakuyo got pretty interesting when you find out that the latter is in love with the former. Boys’ love and girls’ love…and with the same ship no less! I have to admit, kind of ingenious from a marketing standpoint.

I would also argue that the acting does a decent job carrying the show. The guy voices for the main characters are pretty funny though I’d argue that it’s actually Ayaka Ohahshi’s performance as Saki that steals the show. Something about her over the top delivery that manages to sell even the cringiest jokes. Her off-key singing was also pretty great (and I’m pretty sure it’s deliberate since I know Ohahshi can sing like in the Masamune-kun’s Revenge OP).

I probably won’t watch any more of this unless Spring turns out to be a massively dry season (and it’s already slim pickings for me because of time). Still, I can see fans of genre parody getting a kick out of this.

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Magical Girl Ore is officially available on Crunchyroll.

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