Anime Boston 2018 – Day 0

I blog a ton about anime but I’ve been unsure about blogging on my experiences at anime conventions (or just pop culture conventions in general). But with Anime Boston 2018 this weekend, I thought I’d at least give it a try.

2018 marks my eighth year attending Anime Boston. In fact, I started attending when I got super into anime during high school. Fun fact: my first year (2011) was done completely out of impulse. It was announced that Sentai Filmworks was premiering their Angel Beats! English dub and after becoming a massive Angel Beats! fan, I just had to see it. I’ve started going in other conventions in the past few years but I admit that Anime Boston holds a special place in my heart since I’ve been there so many times now. It has flaws (which I’ll bring up in later posts) but some of my fondest convention memories are from this particular event.

Yes, I used “Xenodude” for my badge. Before, I just used my real name but now that I blog about my hobbies, I figured why not use my pen name(?). 

Not much to say about today since it was just “Day 0” where pre-registered attendees can pick up their convention badge a day early. I will say, I tend to really enjoy this part of the convention though. There’s something exciting about seeing a bunch of otakus gather for the upcoming convention and the sight of seeing some of them check into the Sheraton Hotel is always a fun one.

Anyway, I’m devoting my weekend to this convention so expect a few more posts about my experience there.

The Following Properties Have Been Represented at Anime Boston: 

  • Boku no Hero Academia
  • Final Fantasy X
  • Pop Team Epic
  • Love Live! 
  • Miraculous Ladybug 
  • Nier Automata
  • Yuri!!! on Ice

2 thoughts on “Anime Boston 2018 – Day 0

    1. Well, the U.S. is really big….tons of conventions but a lot of travel fare. It’s not that much better for someone who is always on a budget haha.

      Still, that’s rough to have only one convention. 😦


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