My Hero Academia – Ep. 40

Here we are folks, the actual start of Season 3! I would’ve preferred it if this was the premiere but whatever, it’s small potatoes in the grand scheme of things.

As per the course for UA, Class A undergo a curricular activity that would normally get a school in serious trouble. They get kicked off the road via a landslide and must fight their way through a monster infested forest to make it to camp. I guess this serves as a warm-up though I must say that it’s a pretty ridiculous one at that. Still, this scene is a great opportunity to see everyone at Class A show off their powers again, even teaming up for different combos to boot. It’s also a good reminder just how experienced at fighting Deku, Iida, Todoroki, and Bakugo have become over the past two seasons. It comes to no surprise that they’re considered the Top 4 in that regard.

There seems to be something going on behind the scenes as Eraserhead brings up that Class A is getting training that’s usually meant for the start of the second year. It’s a pretty realistic detail when you think about it. The villains are getting noisier right now and already, some of the students have been involved in those incidents. It’s hard to say if the school is feeling desperate but if our protagonists end up getting involved again (and let’s face it, it’s going to happen), they could benefit from having a legal permit to fight.

I’d ask about what Class B is doing but honestly, I think I’ll just roll with the joke that those students are irrelevant. Oh Monoma, if only you knew.

The big goal for the training camp is to improve on everyone’s quirk. That’s something that I didn’t even consider. Everyone seems to have improved in terms of technique, coordination, and stamina but in terms of innate power, there’s been some stagnation. As evidence, Bakugo throws the ball again like in Season 1 and his distance has not gotten much better. I want to say maybe Deku is an exception but when I think about it, Full Cowling is just a improved technique that lets him regulate One for All more smoothly. It’s not like Deku has actually gotten stronger.

With such a task in mind, I wonder if this means we’ll be seeing power-ups of some sort after this arc is over. It’d be neat to see, especially since that could keep action exciting for a couple more arcs. Here’s hoping some creativity will be exercised here.

There’s some new characters introduced in this episode. First, we have two members of the Pussycats, a rescue team who’s going to help mentor the training camp. They seem entertaining enough; Pixie-Bob is especially funny with how hush she is about her age and single status. Remember guys, she’s 18 at heart! There’s also Mandalay’s nephew Kota who’s a bit of a snarky piece of work that cares little for the ambitions of our protagonists. It’s interesting to see a kid with a jaded perspective on heroes, especially after following so many teenagers who strive to become ones. And the kid has a understandable reason for feeling that way; his parents were heroes that died in the line of duty, making him feel that he’s been abandoned.

Naturally, that kind of jadedness catches Deku’s attention and concern. While Deku obviously desires to be a hero and sees heroes as a necessity in the world he lives in, he doesn’t object Kouta’s view entirely and instead thinks it over in silence. It seems that the farther we get into HeroAca, the more Deku sees how fundamentally diverse and ambiguous the world is. Not every hero is like All Might, not every villain is like Shigaraki, and every citizen will naturally feel about heroes and villains in different ways. It’s becoming a complicated matter for Deku as all these conflicting viewpoints is something he’ll have to consider when he goes pro and represents just one. However, if anyone could change Kota’s mind, it’d certainly be Deku.

Other Thoughts:

  • So were the rock monsters part of Pixie-Bob’s quirk or…..?
  • Pixie-Bob be calling dibs on one of the boys like an anime fan declaring their husbandos.
  • Good grief, Mineta is a persistent scamp.
  • I got Fairy Tail flashbacks when Boku no Hero played a “Wow” sound effect over all the naked girls.
  • Before I saw this episode, some friends were sharing on social media Iida’s line, “Why would you do that to Midoriya’s scrotum?!”. I was so confused at first though even with context, it’s still a funny line.
  • I would’ve loved it if Eraserhead have Uraraka throw the ball instead. Imagine if her original core of infinity somehow got higher or lower.

Thanks for reading!

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