Shokugeki no Souma: San no Sara – Ep. 14

A quickie for Shokugeki no Souma. I’m just a little tired right now and I don’t have much to say anyway.

  • Of course the exams are rigged because this is one of two strategies Central comes up with (the other being having overpowered students).
  • I know I’ll sound like a broken record but I really don’t care for how black and white the conflict is now. I liked it in the first two seasons how the cast are just school rivals all aiming for the top.
  • I love how the first cour ended with some victories for the rebels but as soon as the second cour starts, they’re pretty much all on their own. Those extras abandoned them! Top 10 Anime Betrayals material right there.
  • I know everyone thinking outside the box worked out in the end but would it have killed them to at least attend Central’s classes. Just saying, it wouldn’t hurt to know what exactly the enemy plans on having you do.
  • Souma teaming with Kurokiba and Alice is awesome. Megumi is there because shut up, Megumi is best girl and should be in Souma’s team. As for Yoshino…well she needed to be on a team who can pass.
  • Souma does bring up something to ponder: where is Hayama anyway?
  • What’s the point in even rigging the exams when you clearly know these guys will just whip up something too good to fail?
  • A big shame that they gleamed over the food porn this time around. Considering the chefs behind it, I would’ve loved to see the dish in great detail.
  • I’m liking this new side of Erina; still a cooking elitist but you can tell she’s grown to care a lot about the Polar Star gang. She has faith in them and she’s no longer annoyed with Souma which is surprising.

I’d call this episode a big step backwards from last one though I had a feeling the second cour of San no Sara was going to be as uneven as the first one anyway.


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