Playing & Rambling #2: Just Throw Me Into the TV

I planned on writing something quick last week but I actually didn’t have much time to play games because of a lot of shifts I worked for my job. I also had no free time on Saturday anyway so I said “screw it” and saved it for this week instead. Anyway….

Fire Emblem Heroes (Mobile)

I didn’t get Bridal Ninian like I wanted (it’s like this game knows I love Blazing Blade and denies me its characters) but I did get Bridal Tharja and I like Tharja a fair amount so I’ll take it. Admittedly, I could game the gacha system by buying some orbs and keep trying…but that involves money that I’m not willing to part with.

Fire Emblem Warriors (Switch)

I’ve actually played a lot of Fire Emblem Warriors in short bursts for the past few months and I’m fairly close to 100% the base game. One thing that is trying me impatient though is that to 100%, you need to do a lot of material farming and it can be a nuisance to replay missions over and over again, not to mention sitting through their load times.

To say that I regret sinking time into this game would be inaccurate (it was nice to play this in short bursts in the midst of student teaching) but I admit that I’m not the biggest fan. What really holds this game back is the roster; having the majority of reps be from just three Fire Emblem titles is ludicrous to me. Admittedly, I am being salty that Fates got the most representation and I think Fates was garbage but it’s still disappointing how safe the roster for Warriors is.

Transformers: Fall of Cybertron (PS4)

A friend of mine happened to have this game downloaded so I asked to give the game a try since I really dug War for Cybertron back in 2010 and I missed out on the sequel when it originally came out. I really liked what I played of the game. War for Cybertron was a really solid third-person shooter with solid level design and shooting mechanics and this sequel seems to follow suit with some more varied set pieces and enemies. The game doesn’t seem to be too expensive so I guess I’ll add it to my wishlist.

Persona 4 (PS2)

Once again, this game suckers me in for several hours. What can I say? I really, really love this game. Fortunately, I’m nearing the end of the game so I can start slowing down a bit. Besides beating the story, it’s really just getting everyone to Lv. 99 and maxing the Persona compendium that I need to do now.

I kind of had to bend the rules a bit on my Izanagi rule since I have to max the compendium in order to accomplish a 100% completion on the game. There’s also the optional superbosses and with how skill set-ups work in the original PS2 version of Persona 4, I’m going to need more than just one persona for the fight. The compromise I settled on is to reach the end of the last two dungeons and plan to beat the final story bosses with just Izanagi. Only then, do I feel okay with training other Personas for the compendium and preparing for the superbosses.

Playing through the game has refreshed my memory a lot on the story and it’s made me want to write something about it. Maybe when I finish this run, I’ll get to something. It’d be nice since Persona 4 is turning 10 years old this year.

Thanks for reading!

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