E3 2018 Double Feature: Bethesda and Devolver Digital

Doing a double feature since these two press conferences streamed back to back. I also just could use the sleep since in a couple of hours, it’s back to more conferences.


This was easily an improvement over Bethesda’s previous E3 press conference. I mean, they actually used the theater space unlike last time.

On a serious note, Bethesda did show a lot more new titles this time around — a new Doom, a new Wolfenstein, two new Elder Scrolls, and a new IP for to boot. The execution is a little bit questionable. A teaser for Wolfenstein Youngblood and a deliberate restraint on Doom Eternal (so that the game can be shown at QuakeCon instead) was fine but I feel that Bethesda should’ve saved Starfield and Elder Scrolls VI for later. I get that E3 is a good time to announce big titles but there is something anticlimactic with showing nothing but concept renders and logos.

Still, the demos that were shown at Bethesda’s conference was solid. I could’ve done without the musical performance but Rage 2 did catch my attention with its whacky tone and fast shooting. Meanwhile, the Fallout 76 demo really sold the idea of a multiplayer Fallout experience. I don’t know if I’d readily play it (I’m more of a single player RPG person) but it’s clear that Bethesda Game Studios put a lot of thought into it. I was also really impressed with Elder Scrolls Blades. It surprisingly looked fun and fully realized and the idea of game with crossplay across phones, consoles, and computers is unprecedented.

Devolver Digital

I regret missing out on watching Devolver Digital’s press conference during E3 2017 so I made sure to check it as it streamed (which was right after Bethesda’s press conference). My God, this presentation was art.

And yes, it’s a parody of press conferences where Devolver makes hard jabs at recent trends in the industry (loot boxes, battle royales, mini retro consoles, etc) all while being incredibly violent and bloody because why not. Nevertheless, it was a riot from beginning to end and after two long press conferences, something this short and hilarious was a good way to end the day.

And give Devolver credit, they surprisingly incorporate a few legitimate reveals into their near half-hour joke. I’m sure a lot of people are happy to see Metal Wolf Chaos finally getting a Western release.

The only issue I have is how on Earth will Devolver top this next year?

Thanks for reading!

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