E3 Lightning Round: Square Enix | Limited Run Games | Ubisoft

Going quick and dirty again because good grief, there’s a lot of press conferences this E3!

Square Enix

Square Enix offered a Nintendo Direct-esque video presentation this year. Most of the trailers shown are for games that we already know are on the way so there was very few mind-blowing moments to be had here. Square Enix might’ve weakened their show a bit too by showing off that insane Kingdom Hearts III trailer. I mean that Ratatouille cooking mini-game revealed today looks awesome but come on, the twist from yesterday’s trailer was crazy.

I will say though, finding out that Square Enix and Platinum Games is collaborating again for a new game, Babylon’s Fall, is great news.  Nier: Automata was a big hit for them so it’s nice to see both companies wanting to continue this relationship.

Limited Run Games

I’m surprised that Limited Run Games hosted their own E3 Press Conference though given how many games they have and will print physical runs for, I think announcing a bunch of upcoming releases during E3 is a good idea. The presentation did look cheap but then again, Limited Run Games is a small company and I get the amusing impression that their show was deliberately made to look even cheaper with its CG-rendered theater and obvious use of green screen.

As someone who prefers physical media, I really like Limited Run Games’ initiative to produce limited physical runs for games that normally wouldn’t get one. That said, my interest on a physical copy of a game depends on the game itself so I usually don’t order anything from the Limited Run store unless I know and/or like the game. This press conference got me interested in a few of their upcoming releases though. I’m particularly interested in the physical runs for Golf Story, Night Trap 25th Anniversary Edition, Thumper, and VA-11 Hall-A: Cyberpunk Bartender.


Man, I used to not look forward to Ubisoft’s press conference, even considering it as pedestrian as EA’s. And yet, last year, the company delivered the goods with the reveal of Beyond Good & Evil 2 and solid showcases of Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle and Skull & Bones.

I wouldn’t call this year’s conference as good as its predecessor. Personally, I think the conference could’ve done without the Just Dance intro or the announcement of a Rainbow Six Siege documentary (seriously, what?). Overall though, I think Ubisoft still gave a solid presentation. Beyond Good & Evil 2 looks incredibly ambitious with its scale and incorporating fans’ musical and artistic contributions is a risky but smart marketing move. Meanwhile, Skull & Bones still looks like a ton of fun with its concept of working with your friends to take on tough enemies only to then backstab each other to hog all the loot. That’s such a pirate thing to do, I love it.

Even though Ubisoft’s own stuff was good for the most part, I have to admit that the fanboy in me really dug the Nintendo-related stuff. Ubisoft had Grant Kirkhope conduct a live musical performance for Mario + Rabbids (smart) and the Switch version of their Toys to Life game, Starlink: Battle for Atlas has FOX MCCLOUD AS A GUEST CHARACTER. That’s amazing!

Other than that, Ubisoft showed the new Assassin’s Creed Odyssey. I’m not a big Assassin’s Creed fan but I’m liking the Ancient Greek theme and the choice to play either a male or female protagonist. I guess it looks neat but DID YOU SEE FOX MCCLOUD IN THAT STARLINK GAME? COME ON!

Thanks for reading!

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