E3 2018: Nintendo’s Press Conference

I know Nintendo is technically giving another Direct but come on, it counts.

I try to keep expectations for Nintendo’s E3 plans modestly because now that they stream Directs a couple times a year, the company really doesn’t need to optimize hype at E3 anymore. On top of that, Nintendo also maintains their giant booth at the show floor and they do their yearly Treehouse livestream so really, their “press conference” feels like a small chunk of what they do at the big expo.

And as I expected, this “press conference” didn’t exactly throw all the punches. Metroid Prime 4 was notably omitted (perhaps it’s not far enough in development) and Nintendo didn’t announce too many big first party-titles. That said, the one reveal they did have in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate was enough to get me super excited.

In case you missed it, every single Smash Bros. character will be in Ultimate. EVERY. SINGLE. ONE. And obviously, that means you get the characters no one was really asking for to come back (*cough Pichu *COUGH) but that’s okay. After all, WE GOT SNAKE BACK IN SMASH BROS! Balance has been restored to the universe!

The only problem with the roster is that Waluigi is still denied his spot. Come on, Nintendo. You finally added Daisy and Ridley into the roster. Let the #1 man get his time to shine.

I originally expected Ultimate to just be a port of Smash 4 but it looks like Sakurai risked his health yet again to fine tune the gameplay like crazy. Some moves have been replaced with old ones and general dodging mechanics and button inputs have been altered to give Smash a more competitive and reflexive edge. Even cosmetic costumes and voice work has been tweaked to really refine the fanservice Smash is expected to deliver (RIP Marth’s Japanese lines). The amount of attention Sakurai and his team pours into this series continues to amaze me.

Also, GameCube controller is still compatible for Smash Bros. This controller will never die, huh? Not that I’m complaining though because, well, I wanted that option anyway.

There are a few announcements prior to the big Smash reveal. Let’s go over them quickly:

  • Daemon x Machina – Before the title drop, I was seriously hoping that this was a sequel to Xenoblade Chronicles X (one of my Top 5 favorite WiiU games). It’s sadly not that but I’m still interested in more giant robot gameplay in any form.
  • Xenoblade Chronicles 2 DLC Expansion – I’m close to finishing Xenoblade 2 but I keep struggling to finish it because I’m so torn on it. There’s plenty of great moments and motifs going in the game but the lighthearted/weeb aspects just don’t gel with the overall epic tone of the game at all (and I say this as a weeb). Still, I’m a fan of Xenoblade so I’ll probably pick up this prequel expansion anyway.
  • Super Mario Party – Was calling it Mario Party 12 not a good idea? Oh well, this game looks fun. I particularly dig how the orientations and set-ups of individual Switch games affect how the mini-games are played. More importantly though, we’ll soon get our friendship destroying Mario Party on the Switch!
  • Fire Emblem Three Houses – I’m both excited for a new Fire Emblem but also not because I’m growing less fond of the weeby direction the series has taken (and I say this as a weeb). It also didn’t help that the last Waifu Emblem was Fates and that game made me want to throw my 3DS at the wall over how awful its story is. Until I see otherwise, I imagine Three Houses will continue that trend. I also have the sneaking suspicion that the title suggests there’ll be three versions of the game again. At the very least, I am interested in the idea of units commanding squads now.

Well that concludes my thoughts on the Nintendo E3 2018 Press Conference. Now if you’ll excuse, I gotta go check the Treehouse livestream.

Thanks for reading!

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2 thoughts on “E3 2018: Nintendo’s Press Conference

  1. Metroid Prime 4… wheeeeerrrreeeee…. 😭😭

    SUPER glad to see Ridley on Smash & that will be my whole reason for picking it up. I tend to suck horribly at these games, so they usually aren’t a priority for me. But I still enjoy them for what they are.

    Woot to Xenoblade & Fire Emblem as well. Not the best conference, but still some neat reveals.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I read on Siliconera that the Metroid’s still too early in development to show to people. It might be safe to assume that’s the case whenever companies just show a logo.

      I don’t consider myself amazing at Smash either and that’s fine by me. Smash strikes to me as a series that exists both as a competitive fighter but also as a party game. You can get into the technical stuff but I personally revel in the chaos that can arise in a game of Smash.

      Liked by 1 person

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