Gamers! – Ep. 8

I know, it’s been almost a year since I last talked about Gamers!. Why has it taken me this long? Well, same reasons as with a lot of anime in my backlog. Life gets in the way, the watch list needs to cut corners somewhere, and the newer anime almost always takes priority. I imagine everyone’s moved on from Gamers! at this point but I don’t like ditching anything I started so screw it, I’ll cover the remainder of this show as a bit of closure for at least myself.

Before resuming, I did refresh my memory on what was going on in the story and that was definitely for the best given how complicated the relationship chart got. Officially, Uehara is dating Aguri while Keita and Karen have started a relationship though everyone has jumped into all sorts of conclusions anyway. Keita and Aguri thought Uehara is interested in Karen or Chiaki, Karen thought Keita is interested in Aguri, and Chiaki was convinced that Karen was up to no good with dating Keita. I might be a bit off here and there but the point is that things sure got messy in just seven episodes and even after my personal hiatus, I was curious to see where things pick up in Episode 8.

Surprisingly, we’re first introduced to a whole new character this episode: Chiaki’s younger sister Konoha who is secretly a big eroge fan. I don’t really have much to say about Konoha. I like her character design (I’m a bit twintails fan) and the adult disguise she uses to buy eroge cracked me up a bit. I was curious about her chance encounter with Keita and Misumi. Chances are, Konoha is not going to be a major player in the relationship chart but it did look like she was crushing on Keita after the latter gave a glowing recommendation for an obscure game they both happen to love. I guess time will tell what role this girl will ultimately play.

After that, our five main characters indulge in a weird version of LIFE. I say weird in that it’s awfully centered on relationships than anything else but also in that it looked horribly rigged by fate. Keita and Aguri get married and have kids by accident, Uehara and Karen can’t get them to divorce and get money instead, and Chiaki is horribly shoved into the “Forever Alone” path. Chiaki can’t even get the money that Uehara and Karen is at least getting. It’s almost as if the board game itself is shoving its head canon onto its players. A lot of sour looks are thrown back and forth and I couldn’t help but laugh at how much this game is pushing everyone’s buttons.

Having them simulate their paranoia via LIFE proved to be beneficial though. At one point, Chiaki has to leave the room for a bit and everyone is now able to chat with one another during the resulting downtime. I think the resolution rang true; a simple and earnest relationship talk can go a really long way towards patching any grievances up.

Of course, things get complicated again once Chiaki re-enters the room, she finds out that her online friend and biggest fan has been Keita the whole time. It looks like things are about to get complicated again. It’s kind of funny how that works. We currently have two couples here, leaving Chikai as a fifth wheel and thus potentially someone who could really cause a stir. And now, she has a perfect reason to do so. I don’t know if she’d outright reveal her identity to Keita but she probably will put a roadblock in the latter’s relationship with Karen. And while it doesn’t seem like this would affect Uehara and Auguri, I can see why the former panicked. Somehow, this will find a way to trouble everyone.

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