Gamers! – Ep. 9

Well, I now see why Konoha was introduced — obvious imouto fanservice (we all know what she was doing in her room) but more importantly, so that Chiaki can pin all her secret identities onto her in front of Keita. Of course!

Geez, this rabbit hole of relationships never ends!

I suppose it wouldn’t be Gamers! though without things getting complicated again. Obviously, the simple solution would be for Chiaki to just tell the truth to Keita but I get that she’s not thinking straight. She’s been hating on the guy for so long and now she has to wonder if she should be tsun or not. And while it is painful to watch her shatter her chances at becoming Keita’s girlfriend, I can’t deny that the whole ordeal was solid comedy.

Poor Konoha now has to play the part of both of Chiaki’s pseudonyms and she clearly can’t keep this up. You know you’re desperate if you’re using split personality disorder to excuse your inconsistencies. At the same time, I wonder if her read on Keita from last episode will factor into the remainder of the series. I could see her wanting Keita for herself as much as I can see her choosing to support her sister.

When you think about, Keita has really good chemistry with all the girls in this show. His relationship with Karen seems to be making progress, he hit it off instantly with Aguri, and his “hate” for Chiaki is at least mutual. It wouldn’t surprise me if him and Konoha develop a strong rapport, even if as friends. Keita should also give himself more credit too.

Meanwhile, Uehara just had to throw that curveball at the end. He just had to say that he’s “choosing” Chiaki. Even though he means that he’s rooting for the Chiaki x Keita shipping, the lack of context makes it sound like he’s dumping Aguri for another girl. Very poor choice of words, man. I must say, for someone who wants to help and untangle this web of shippings, he really sucks at his goal. I don’t even need to see the next episode to know that Keita will share the news with Aguri. Oh well, I’m sure Gamers! will make the fallout funny.

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