Gamers! – Ep. 10

As funny as seeing Gamers! throw all its shippings on a loop is, I wonder how this anime could end this insanity in a satisfying manner. You’re bound to disappoint someone no matter what the resolution is but I just get this feeling that Gamers! will be remembered more for its ride than what couples it settles on. What would really make the ending hilarious if it just ends Sopranos style so that it really couldn’t commit to anything. I doubt that’s what it’ll go for though. Since the manga is ongoing, I get the sense that I’m in store for a non-ending as well.

Still, this episode was pretty darn funny. Keita calling Karen on how to best reject someone, Uehara’s constant inability to make his commitment to Aguri clear, all the .exes breaking at the end. It’s simply a riot. The only issue I really had is perhaps the animation and now that I look back, Gamers! is admittedly pretty rough visually. Granted, exaggerating everyone’s faces and body movements does augment the humor a little bit but the possibility that a lot of it was budgetary is a little too high than I would like.

At this point (only 10 episodes out of 12…), I don’t really know who to root for anymore. I’ve really enjoyed Karen and Keita being a couple but I can’t deny that the stablest and least problematic relationship has been Keita and Aguri. The show acknowledged that with its rigged game of LIFE but this episode provided some more evidence. It’s telling that Aguri solely defended Keita when her middle school friends were dissing the gamers. It’s almost as though Keita means a lot to her as much as Uehara does. Keita meanwhile cares a lot about making Aguri happy, even putting an exciting launch day on hold just to check on her when she texts for consoling. Would he’d have done the same thing for Karen or even Chiaki? It’s possible that everyone’s underestimating how much games mean to Keita.

I wouldn’t mind if Gamers! actually end its relationship chart in a completely different state from how it was previously. As messy as it can be, that kind of stuff does happen in high school. But as I mentioned at the start, ending this insanity and disappointing as few people as possible is a tall order to make. Maybe it should just end it on a cliffhanger.

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