Gamers! – Ep. 11

All the big story threads get resolved in this episode that it almost feels like this should be the series finale instead of the next episode. I guess the intention is to let Episode 12 be a fun final look at the cast and that’s understandable. I’m still going into this show a bit blind but I imagine that if the light novel is still ongoing a year after the anime ended, the anime probably has a non-finale ending. It’s probably better this way since there is no way this show could satisfy all of its viewers 100%.

For me, the resolution looks guilty for playing things safe. After making the status quo so unstable for the pasts few episodes, things just kind of stay intact in the end. Uehara and Aguri’s relationship more or less gets steady again and while Konoha pulls a lot of strings to get her sister to confess to Keita, Chiaki backs down and Karen remains Keita’s girlfriend.

I wouldn’t have minded if the show did pull a massive shakeup to its cast, at least for Keita. I like Karen but Gamers! has gone out of its way to make far too compelling cases that Keita could be better off with someone else. He basically acts like he’s married with Aguri and in a less paranoid romantic anime, I think Keita and Chiaki would’ve hooked up by now. The least the show could’ve done is maybe have Chiaki completely let go of her crush on Keita. But no, the song and dance is kept alive just a teensy bit by having Chiaki say that one day, her opportunity will come again. Someone please help this poor soul.

While I am a little bummed out, I actually find it difficult to really say this constant back and forth was a fatal flaw to Gamers!. I do get why all the characters back out of trying to upset the status quo. For Keita and Aguri to be a romantic couple, Karen and Uehara would have to break up with each of them respectively and understandably, they realize that possible turmoil would make an endeavor a big gamble. And while it sucks that Chiaki is the one getting the short end of the stick, at least she’d rather get her chance when it wouldn’t sabotage Keita’s happiness. It may be safe but at least it involved all the characters being considerate for each other.

It also helps that it was fun seeing everyone continue to lose their minds during the second half of the show. The rigged game of LIFE is still a highlight of the series and I’ve kind of enjoyed the strange role Konoha has occupied these past few episodes. This episode admittedly needed to takes things seriously but it was still got a few laughs with how everyone had their own agenda during this “double” date. It amazes how nobody in this cast is ever on the same page on anything. At the end of the day, I still enjoyed watching Gamers! and I am looking forward to seeing the finale.

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