Gamers! – Ep. 12 (END)

I did it! I finally finished Gamers! It took me long enough.

To be honest, I thought this was a very weak episode, especially as a finale for Gamers! as a whole. I checked and this is anime-original but even if I didn’t do that, it’s painfully obvious anyway. It just feels like something that’d be slapped together as an OVA. Maybe it was meant to be an OVA and Episode 11 is the real finale but this aired on TV from my understanding so this is what we’re dealt with.

Oddly enough, this episode is actually the most this show has talked about gaming in quite a while. Not that they weren’t used as a vehicle to advance the plot but it did feel like the insane relationship minefield everyone stepped on took front stage. That’s hardly a complaint; again, I’ve had fun catching up on this show but I did think to myself during this finale, “Oh yeah, this show is called Gamers! for a reason”.

Having put the show on hold for many months, I frankly forgot about the supportive cast so it took me a while to remember who Misumi is. If I recall, everyone in Karen’s gaming club gets the short end of the stick in terms of screentime. They’re not supposed to be prominent since Keita flat out declines a membership. Thus, I think Misumi’s cameo at the beginning of the episode was rather random. It honestly felt like I stumbled upon a completely different anime, what with the talk of underground organizations, amnesia, and a little sister. Is there a spin-off to Gamers! and I somehow didn’t hear about this?

As for the actual main cast of characters, I thought this final glimpse at their lives was alright. I am kind of the annoyed that Gamers! dared to flaunt the Keita and Aguri ship again though. After sorting everything else last episode, the least it could is just give it a break. It’s like it wants to remind viewers that they may have disappointed them with that previous episode.

I did admittedly like the conversation Aguri had with her friends about why a person would want to buy games if they’re expensive and demand so much time from the player. It’s actually a pretty articulate conversation from time to time and it is one I sometimes run into. I would, however, admit that Aguri is kind of in the right at some points, especially when it comes to DLC. Some video games kind of are designed to scheme their ways into your wallets. Still, I think Keita’s concluding point nails one reason why people like games.

Something really weird that happens though is that this discussion on games continues into everyone’s trips to the hot springs. I’m not saying that it’s unrealistic that they’d keep talking while taking a bath but there’s no way those panning shots of the girls’ censored bodies was drawn to compliment the script. That was 100% fanservice and extremely gratuitous fan-service at that. That alone really makes me think this was probably meant to be an OVA.

Still, one weak episode is not enough to ruin a series that has been pretty good for almost all of its duration. Is Gamers! a perfect anime? Not quite. Something I neglected to comment in these few episode posts is that I have some general issues with the dialogue and the visuals. I’ll have to elaborate them when I get to the review but there’s this air of roughness to them all even as I admit that the jokes still land in spite of them. Mileage will also vary over the execution of the romance; I’m okay with how it’s resolved but I can see someone getting more frustrated or disappointed over it. Still, I would consider Gamers! to be a pretty good show from 2017 and I’m happy to finally finish it. Now to just tackle the rest of the backlog…

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Gamers! is officially available on Crunchyroll & Funimation.

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