Lightning Round (7/13/18) – How Not to Summon A Demon Lord | 100 Sleeping Princes | Seven Senses of the Re’Union

How Not to Summon a Demon Lord – Ep. 2

I’m finding How Not to Summon a Demon Lord to be the best isekai show out this season and that’s a little sad depending on how you look at it. There’s such an abundance of ecchi here that’ll make it a hard watch if that kind of stuff isn’t your cup of tea.

To be fair, I don’t think this show is entirely devoid of substance. It’s pretty funny on occasion; I specifically cracked up at the part where Diablo tries to perform a blood pact. The worldbuilding isn’t half-bad either. The fact that everyone is lower leveled than the NPCs in Diablo’s game because they can’t respawn and thus can’t afford to constantly fight monsters does make sense.

What this show really needs to do then is to just sell me on the story. The revelation that Shera is an Elvish princess is fine but it is pretty generic. What did get me interested though was how Shera fears that she’ll be seen as less important to Diablo than Rem. It absolutely leans towards the harem theme but I think there is potential in exploring how Diablo must equally care for both of his companions. I may end up giving this show too much credit so I’m 50-50 on if I want to continue watching it.

100 Sleeping Princes & The Kingdom of Dreams – Ep. 2

Now that I’ve seen more of the Summer lineup, I think there are a lot more interesting anime out there so 100 Sleeping Princes can go. Mind you, the show doesn’t seem godawful. There’s decent chemistry between the characters and a competent mystery surrounding all the princes. I think the problem is that it’s just underwhelming how competent the whole product. It doesn’t really evoke much energy or investment on itself. I might check the reception every once in a while but that’ll probably it for me.

Seven Senses of the Re’Union – Ep. 2

Two things I can’t believe:

  1. That we’re expected to just go along with the whole digital ghost girlfriend thing.
  2. How much Re’Union desperately wants to be the next Anohana.

Honestly, it seems like every main character in Re’Union serves as the same role as someone from Anohana. Haruto is a washed up leader like Jintan, Asashi is happy go lucky and dead like Menma, Satsuki got friendzoned like Anaru, and Takanori is just as punchable as Yukiatsu. Oh and the plot? To have everyone come back together as a group. Just like in Anohana! The only things that make Re’Union feel different from what its aping is the video game setting and the fact that everyone can see Asashi and thus more easily accept that she’s back.

To be fair, I kind of like how Asashi is getting hunted down by different players in Re’Union. With Subaru disbanded and her ability so unique, it makes a lot of sense that she’d be treated like this extremely rare in-game item. This could lead to a central antagonist though I don’t know if I’d really want one. Part of why Anohana worked well was because it was just about a handful of grieving teenagers and not a good guys vs bad guys kind of conflict. If Re’Union wants to be smart about this, it needs to avoid that angle.

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One thought on “Lightning Round (7/13/18) – How Not to Summon A Demon Lord | 100 Sleeping Princes | Seven Senses of the Re’Union

  1. How Not To Summon a Demon Lord is becoming borderline for me with the second episode. That was a lot of ecchi going on and while I generally just ignore fan service that was becoming a little too intrusive for my tastes. That said, there is some actual enjoyment to be had from the rest of what is going on and so I’m kind of torn.
    As to the 100 Sleeping Princes, I kind of enjoyed it for some turn off the brain and just cruise kind of viewing. It isn’t really great but it isn’t in any way offensive or difficult to follow so I just kind of went with it.
    I haven’t been able to watch Seven Senses but I’m interested in seeing what happens with it.
    Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

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