Lightning Round (7/18/18) – Asobi Asobase | Planet With | Dropkick on My Devil | Holmes of Kyoto

As per usual, I’m getting exhausted with the tryouts but I’m starting to get my watch list refined. Let’s get through all this, shall we?

Asobi Asobase -workshop of fun- Ep. 2

Surprisingly, this show went ahead to spill the beans about Olivia’s poor English in front of Kasumi. That mix-up was what the show as promoting before premiering. I guess now that the bait and switch has been done, the facade might as well be dropped. It’s a slight shame since that premise absolutely sounded like something anime would come up with…but I am liking what we’re getting instead so who cares. The OP is still the same though I’m glad it’s staying because it honestly gets funnier with each new episode.

To be honest, I found the second episode to be even funnier than the first. The whole make-up scene, for example, was one great joke after another. Hanako’s envy over Olivia having make-up visualized as a witch trial, Olivia and Kasumi failing miserably with applying make-up on Hanako, and a teacher mistaking the make-up as injuries to Hanako’s face. It’s absurd, it’s pretty mean-spirited, and it’s full of all sorts of strange drawings but it was a riot nonetheless. The rest of the episode isn’t nearly as funny though it still made me laugh.

I already thought Asobi Asobase would be a big maybe for me and I am slowly warming up to it more. It’d be better off with a shorter run time but goddamn it is it still funny.

Planet With – Ep. 2

There’s been all sorts of reactions of Planet With. Some people are really digging it and some just aren’t. As of the time I’m writing this post, the show is sitting on 6.75 on MAL. I’m currently in the middle. The uncertainties between Souya and Grand Paladin are a compelling oddity but everything else hasn’t tickled my fancy. The action is well staged but I can’t get over the CGI modeling going on and the enemies are too weird for me to dig. The humor is quirky but I just don’t find it funny. Are there deeper meanings behind them? I’m just not getting that sense as I watch Souya crave for meat because reasons.

Planet With is an interesting anime for sure but I feel that there have been other new shows that I have appealed me more readily so I think I’ll pass for now.

Dropkick on My Devil – Ep. 2

Honestly, Dropkick on My Devil is wearing a little thin for me. The bit with the yuki-onna was too weird for my liking and Medusa’s past with Jashin didn’t make me laugh at all. Yurine outsmarting and murdering Janshin and Pekola being hungry are still hilarious but that’s not enough to sustain the whole show. I doubt I’ll be watching the next episode.

Holmes of Kyoto – Ep. 2

Oh good, it’s not Antique Roadshow the anime.

It does seem a bit odd that Holmes gets cases though. It’s not like he’s even a consultant for the police (you’d think he would be one given his talents). Nevertheless, there are apparently a number of mysteries in store for him. This episode specifically pits him to figure out the mastermind behind a couple of threatening letters to a pageant winner. Despite the case, the tone is remarkably down to earth as Holmes and Aoi simply look for clues and ask around in a flower exhibit. Nothing too intense to see there. It kind of reminds me a bit of Hyouka in that sense though I must admit that Holmes is a lot less exciting. The sad thing is that this anime simply lacks the stellar art and direction that contributed to Hyouka‘s success.

I’d say this is a big maybe for me though. I doubt there’ll be a homicide for Holmes to solve but I am curious as to what kind of mysteries this show will feature. There’s also the chemistry between Holmes and Aoi which I dig; Aoi is absolutely a Watson archetype and she’s a pretty good one at that. I’ll watch a little bit more before I make a final decision.

Thanks for reading!

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