Double Feature (7/19/18) – Phantom in the Twilight | Angolmois

Phantom in the Twilight – Ep. 2

And the world record for fastest time to recover from memory alterations goes to Balieu Ton!


Anyway, I had a good time with Phantom in the Twilight again. I probably would’ve kept watching it for bit because its very existence is so peculiar to me but it’s nice that it’s actually entertaining. It honestly stuns me how much more competent it is compared to a lot of Chinese co-production. Maybe it’s having a writer like Fumiaki Maruto or a cast full of veteran seiyuus that’s helping the show but whatever it is, it’s working.

Once again, Ton is the highlight of the cast. I really dig how headstrong this girl is; she’d rather rescue Shinyao herself then leave everything to her new monster buddies. She does run into a trap because of her attitude but it’s kind of impressive how well she held off on her own. I mean, dodging and surviving attacks to a zombiefied Jack the Rapper (yeah, that’s a thing apparently!) is really impressive if you ask me. Maybe if she pulled out that chain weapon again, she’d win.

I’m also liking the spins Phantom adds to its supernatural lore. Attributing the old tradition that vampires need an invitation to enter places to Vlad’s teleportation abilities, for example, is a really cool detail. I particularly like how it works in his favor during this episode’s climax, making it feel more relevant than some random tidbit of trivia. And for once, something with “Twilight” in the title actually does vampires accurately!

A few new characters get introduced in Episode 2. There’s Wayne who is another member of the Twilights and a ghost. He’s more or less the team’s hacker since he can possess electronic devices. Hopefully, he won’t just be stuck in that (weirdly lifelike) mannequin and he’ll still make good use of his abilities here. Also introduced is Chris who is the werewolf who kidnapped Shinyao but later chooses to rescue her from Jack after Haysin told him what the plan actually was. I’m getting the sense that Chris and Shinyao will be a ship which is fine…I just think it’d be amazing if the show actually went with the Ton x Shinayo subtext it threw at me last episode and in the ED. What a twist on the reverse harem that would be.

Angolmois: Record of Mongol Invasion – Ep. 2


Okay, I’m starting to see that the grainy filter is meant to make Angolmois look old and historical…it’ll still take some getting used to.

As for the story, I’m still digging it. Things do lean towards the the straightforward side of things which does make me feel less inclined to blog about it. Nevertheless, this episode and the one before it has been good set-up to what I expect will be one entertaining war anime. The stakes are high as Kuchii is tasked by an old comrade of his to stand his ground until reinforcements arrive which is of course, easier said than done. Towards the end of the first battle, Teruhi’s father gets killed in combat and while the fate of all of her brothers is unclear, it’s safe to assume that the princess will need to take more responsibility.

The supportive cast still hasn’t won me over but the two main characters of Angolmois remain pretty compelling. I like how much of a hardass Kuchii, even if his attitude puts him at odds with the authorities who value tradition and honor (i.e. Teruhi’s brothers and father). Teruhi, meanwhile, shows some of the ways she wants to be involved in this war, either by flirting at Kuchii to stay or by donning her own suit of armor to join the fight. It’d be cool to see her actually fight and I imagine it’s just a matter of time. It’s clear that Angolmois is spending these first couple of episodes of how she’s held back by traditions surrounding that of a princess.

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One thought on “Double Feature (7/19/18) – Phantom in the Twilight | Angolmois

  1. The second episode of Twilight was definitely better and that filter on Angolmois is really weird and to be honest I’m not sure I’m thrilled with how it looks. Still, both of these are probably staying on my watch list at this point.

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