Double Feature (7/25/18) – Phantom in the Twilight | Angolmois

Phantom in the Twilight – Ep. 3

Sorry Ton but Shinyao is in another castle.


To be honest, having Shinyao as a damsel in distress could get old if it’s dragged out any longer (even if hilariously so) but whatever, I still enjoyed Phantom in the Twilight. Right now, the show is letting Ton know the Twilights a bit more. This episode particularly focuses on Luke who makes saving Shinyao his own responsibility after he correctly deduces his fellow werewolf, Chris, is the one who kidnapped her. Naturally, Ton doesn’t let that slide because ain’t letting someone else recuse her best friend without her.

By the end of this episode, Ton and Luke developed quite a rapport together. Vlad may be a cool vampire but he’s admittedly a stick in the mud. Luke’s probably the friendliest and most sociable out of the Twilights so it makes sense that Ton would get along with him from the get go. Things get pretty playful too as they joke if Vlad’s bravado is him flirting his way to Ton’s heart. Maybe there’s a flag raised there though things end on a resolutely platonic note this episode that I’m 100% sure if it was a flag at all. It wouldn’t surprise me if Phantom ever goes otome because just look at the cast here. But so far, there’s been more subtext Ton and Shinyao.

Speaking of Shinyao, that girl sure got the nicest kidnapper ever. Chris is apparently still working for Haysin but he still keeps Shinyao fed and seems to make sure she’s not in harm’s way, as seen when he leaves her on a Ferris wheel far away from the action. If anything, it’s a little funny that Chris keeps saving the girl just so that he can use her as bait again. If Phantom makes a shipping out of this, Shinyao is going to have one interesting case of Stockholm’s syndrome.

Angolmois: Record of Mongol Invasion – Ep. 3


The war has officially begun as Kuchii becomes Tsushima’s de facto military leader and Teruhi remains the last blood-related member of the Sou clan. Despite the grander scale, the action this episode is actually downplayed a bit. Kuchii’s efforts to recovering the heads of Teruhi’s brother and father is even skimmed over in favor of the aftermath. That’s entirely fine by me though as we get to see the relationship between these two characters develop further this episode.

It’s made apparent that Teruhi has somewhat complicated feelings towards Kuchii. The exile commands great authority but he also leads all extremely risky and/or guerrilla-based operations to get the job done. It’s a mindset that feels controversial for the princess, so much so that she even considers killing Kuchii in his sleep to prevent him from shaking things any further. At the same time, she has grown pretty smitten with the man (there’s even an implied kissing scene here); favoring his tactics over the cowardice of her adopted brother and perhaps seeing something noble in him that the others do not. The ending definitely cements the fact that she’ll put her trust in the exile for now as she takes a hit for him when some traitors try to attack him. I doubt she’ll die from that but the aftermath should prove to be interesting.

I might sound like a broken record here but I’m still not sold on the supportive cast. Seriously, who are any of these people? I still don’t recognize the exiles by name and now I have members of the army and Tsushima locals to remember. There’s simply too many people to know in so little time. Kuchii and Teruhi are probably strong enough characters to carry this show but this issue is holding Angolmois back for me.

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