Lightning Round (8/4/18) – We Rent Tsukumogami | Phantom in the Twilight | Angolmois

We Rent Tsukumogami – Ep. 2


Oddly enough, I enjoyed We Rent Tsukumogami a lot more the second time around. The dialogue still drones but I found this episode’s case to be pretty enjoyable. You have an antique owner who finds all his historical paintings messed up every morning and Okou and Senji task their tskumogami to investigate. They solve the case pretty quickly — just some male tskumogami competing for the intention of a female one — but resolving the conflict was still very interesting. It cleverly incorporates some thinking outside the box from Okou and Senji as well as the backstory of one of our lead tsukumogami, Tsukuyomi (geez, those names are similar). There’s also a surprisingly good sense of continuity as the story follows up on the premiere’s case. All things considered, I’m actually inclined to stick with the show for a bit longer.

Something that’ll make We Rent Tsukumogami an acquired taste for many Western viewers is how “Japanese” its story is. It’s heavily rooted in its Edo period as well as Japanese history and folklore. I personally like seeing anime with those kind of affectations but it could create a slight barrier of entry for people who want to enjoy anime right off the bat.

Phantom in the Twilight – Ep. 4


I wouldn’t call Phantom in the Twilight an amazing show but it’s shaped up to be a decent one and by Chinese co-production standards, that’s currently a blessing.

Simply put, I like the characters. They’re hardly the best Fumiaki Maruto has written for (no one’s at Megumi Kato God tier if you ask me) but I’ve enjoyed the chemistry they’ve developed. This episode particularly focuses on Toryu who has become a sort of butler for Ton as he finds her 21st century fashion sense and mannerisms very unlike Rijan. It’s a pretty entertaining dynamic as Ton has to remind Toryu that she neither is a child nor she is the same person Rijan was. Still, it does seem like apple didn’t fell far from the tree. When Toryu loses his talisman and goes berserk, Ton successfully understands that her great grandmother created a talisman to give the jiangshi a heart, not seal him like some powerful weapon. There’s an effective dichotomy here as Ton is her own person but she nevertheless carries the legacy of her ancestor.

The most promising moment in Phantom‘s fourth episode comes at the very end where the Twilights have unanimously decided to make Ton their new manager. I’m hoping that’ll produce some compelling one-off stories where she runs into all sorts of different Umbras. It’s about the time this show moves past its setup.

Angolmois: Record of Mongol Invasion – Ep. 4


This is probably it as far as coverage for Angolmois goes. Part of that is me needing to bump another show to Filler for time but I have been losing interest in this show.

Once again, I think this show bears a cast too large for its own good. There’s a handful I can readily recognize but some characters flat out vanished and others are so forgettable that I had to remind myself that they’ve been introduced. To make matters worse, Angolmois introduces even more people this episode and good luck remembering who any of them are. Even if the names did stick, a lot of these people seem relegated to standard archetypes. You got the mysterious ninja leader and you got the war hungry bad guy and that’s kind of it with them right now.

It’s a shame since I think this show has done a good job fleshing out its two main protagonists. Even then, I have to admit that Kuchii and Teruhi aren’t the most original characters. And in the case of Teruhi, I’m starting to think that Angolmois is still figuring out what to do with her. There’s potential in making her an efficient leader but so far, she got in the front lines once and immediately needed to step down due to an injury. After that, she just sits around, smiles, and asks how the fighting went. Things might change now that we discover the capital of Tsushima has been invaded. I hope so because Teruhi being so indirectly involved in the story is getting pretty frustrating.

I’ll keep watching the show until at least the Summer midseason but let me make it clear that the novelty of there being a new military period piece anime is starting to wear off for me.

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