Double Feature (8/9/18) – We Rent Tsukumogami | Phantom in the Twilight

We Rent Tsukumogami – Ep. 3


Geez, what to make of We Rent Tsukumogami? We’re nearing the midseason and yet this anime proves to be quite the wild card. Within the spawn of three episodes, I’ve gone from “passably interested” to “pretty engaged” and now just plain bored.

The thing about this episode is that there is no mystery. It’s a simple family matter that Senji gets roped into helping. Granted, there are some redeeming qualities here. The continuity exercised is neat (Sanae is the fiancee mentioned in the past two episodes), the message is relatable and makes good use of Japanese history and culture. Without a mystery though, there really isn’t much left for intrigue and with the dialogue still droning, I find myself struggling to get through the episode. Not even romantic subtext between the two main characters was able to keep me invested. For one, I don’t find either of them that terribly interesting and two, this is the last anime I expected to see the “but they’re not related by blood so it’s totally okay” excuse.

I’ll maybe give We Rent Tskumogami another episode but it’s possible I’ll end up dropping it for good.

Phantom in the Twilight – Ep. 5


It amuses me greatly how Phantom in the Twilight is shoving a rescue plot to the wayside. So much for urgency. At least Shinyao has a new Jack o’ Lantern pet/buddy. That image alone could become its own anime.

I joke but I do mostly like the direction Phantom is heading. Ton becoming the Twilights’ manager is a good excuse to have her follow Rijan’s footsteps and the cafe would make for a good backdrop for various one-offs involving different Umbras. I’ll admit that this episode tries maybe a bit too hard to evoke an emotional reaction but it’s still a well-conceived plot about human-umbra relations and why it’s so difficult to maintain. You get why, Lydia needs to break up with Roland (leanan sidhe = dying young artist) but you also get why the latter wants to be together with her. This also provides an interesting dilemma for Ton as she wants the happiest life possible for both Lydia and Roland but is ultimately forced to make a difficult decision. Hopefully, future episodes will continue to build up on what this episode has established for Ton.

Out of all the anime I’m still blogging about, I actually still remain 50-50 about Phantom in the Twilight. With the anime reaching halfway next week, I’ll have to make a final decision soon.

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