RErideD – Derrida, who leaps through time – Eps. 1-4 (First Impressions)

Crunchyroll is spoiling us again with yet another early release, this time for RErideD – Derrida, who leaps through time (that title…) and a whopping four episodes of it no less. And what do you know, I was crazy enough to sit through all of it in one sitting.

I did, of course, notice this anime when I was looking up upcoming anime for my Fall 2018 preview but I glanced over it because it honestly looked generic. And now that I have watched it, I think I was on the mark with that assumption. I mean, stop me if this sounds familiar. Two scientists, Derrida and Nathan (Kenshou Ono and Takahiro Sakurai respectively) are working on killer robots. Some corporation tries to kill them to take advantage of their creations, and Derrida escapes by accidentally stumbling into a cryogenic chamber. Fast forward ten years and he’s in a world decimated by robots with some rebels fighting against them. So you know, a very calculable sci-fi premise in various respects.

To be honest, I think RErideD‘s biggest hurdle was really how rough the pilot is. It is horribly bogged down by excessive amounts of exposition. Characters talk about themselves, their relation to other characters, what they believe in, and mention what’s happening worldwide. Very little is really brought up to you organically and it starts to feel more like the personality sections of Wikia pages talking to each other as opposed to actual people. I know it’s all set-up but when you bank on dialogue to such an extreme, it actually makes the story harder to follow and certainly much less engaging. And even when I put the info dump aside, there’s a few things that aren’t terribly elaborated to begin with. What exact war is being fought? Where did that cyrogenic chamber come from? Who is this mysterious girl Derrida keeps seeing in visions? Why does that corporate villain look and act like Donald Trump? These are mysteries this story still needs to sort out after four episodes and right now, I’m not terribly convinced the answers will be worthwhile.

Things do, however, pick up as you get to the next three episodes. With Derrida ten years into the future, he sets out on a quest to find Nathan’s daughter, Mage (MAO) and gathers a few allies. You have Vidaux (Hiroo Sasaki), a scavenger who walks a fine line between greedy and genuinely honorable; his adorable daughter Mayuka (Kaede Hondo); and Mage’s best friend, Yuri (Himika Akaneya). The whole group has a nice dynamic to them; I particularly like the sisterly relationship between Mayuka and Yuri and Yuri bonding with Derrida after not seeing him for a decade. Seeing these characters go on some adventures, be it running from assassins or infiltrating corporate buildings is also fun to watch. It’s all admittedly very standard material but it’s a far cry from how droning the first episode is.

That is pretty much RErideD in a nutshell. It’s generic and even in the parts that do work, there isn’t enough to really elevate it into something truly memorable. Even with four episodes under the belt, I honestly don’t feel terribly committed to it. I can see myself dropping it for time just as much as I can see myself sticking with it as a breezy piece of sci-fi. Still, nothing else from Fall 2018 has aired yet (because, you know, the season hasn’t actually started) so I guess this anime can stay in the watch list for now.

OP: “Paradox” by Quadrangle

ED: “Toki no Tsubasa” by M.A.O. and HImika Akenaya

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