Cells at Work! – Ep. 13 (END)

If I’m ever on the verge of death, I’m going to think back to this episode. Granted, making me feel bad about getting sick or injured is nothing new with Cells at Work! but boy was this series finale especially the guilt trip. All those red blood cells losing their lives for the body they serve. All those normal cells suffocating from a lack of oxygen (I guess there’s technically no air for them to breathe?…). Red herself collapsing in the cold, harsh snow as the body temperature drastically lowers. The Platelets performing hazardous construction work, not to mention working overtime. I definitely want to take better care of myself after watching all that!

One thing I did like most about this episode was seeing Red at her bravest and most unyielding. It is maybe a little odd that there are no germs chasing after her and that not once in this whole crisis does she ever get lost. Still, I can’t deny how awesome it is to see her keep doing her job through thick and thin, even when her kouhai has given up and very few blood cells remain to deliver oxygen. It’s impressive to see a character in a disaster story carry on her duties as usual but it also speaks true to how a real human body would conduct operations to the very end. So long a there’s a job, this cell will still do it.

The climax where more red blood cells appear thanks to a blood transfusion is definitely a bit of a deus ex machina albeit a reasonable one. I mean, if I was in Red’s shoes, I too would be asking where these people even came from. Besides, it’s pretty funny hearing the new visitors explain their deal as getting sucked into a tube and then put into cyro. I also dig how their outfits are slightly different than the ones we’re used to. They’re technically just designed for withstanding the cold but it does give the impression that these reinforcements are from a different body, familiar but certainly new. Also, Red’s reaction is just priceless. God bless Kana Hanazawa for all the screaming she had to do for this anime.

And so the body is back to normal in the end. All things considered, hemorrhagic shock was a really great scenario for Cells at Work! to end on. Sure, I would’ve preferred a finale about the Platelets (psst! To any producers out there, make that an OVA!) but what we got most certainly does the trick. It’s a solid final challenge for these characters to overcome and also the first scenario since the cancer conflict that really felt like something is at stake here.

I am going to miss Cells at Work! but second season or not, this was a very fun and educational ride from beginning to end.

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