Lightning Round (10/16/18) – That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime | Release the Spyce Et Al

I’m planning on doing Lightning Rounds at the end of every week until I narrow down what I truly want to blog. I figure I make that clear as this particular post was planned for this past Sunday but I ended up falling behind instead hence me posting this two days later. I’m so good at this, you guys! Hopefully, the next Lightning Round will actually be ready for this coming Sunday. Anyway…

That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime – Ep. 2 & 3

Goblins and wolves living together. Mass hysteria!

Given the timing of this post, I figured I might as well throw in Slime and Run with the Wind‘s third episodes. I personally don’t like covering multiple episodes at once but eh, I’ll deal with it just this once.

It does say something about an isekai anime if I’m watching it for this long. I’m not enamored with Slime but it does have its moments. Veldora and Rimuru’s friendship is still super charming and I surprisingly got into the whole goblin vs. wolf conflict towards its end, especially when everyone evolved thanks to the names Rimuru gave out. What a bizarre moment that was but I dig it.

I still think this anime is suffering from your usual isekai pitfalls, mainly Rimuru becoming this overpowered person liked by everyone. It’s still the kind of wish fulfillment fantasy adventure I’ve seen countless times in this genre but there’s effort in a few areas so I’ll give it that.

Run with the Wind – Eps. 2 & 3


Interest really declined with this one. The culprit is Haiji. I simply cannot stand this guy. Just his plan of training nine guys, most of whom are not versed in track and field, for one of the biggest marathons in Japan just so that he can fulfill his own dream is complete nonsense. Maybe you’re not supposed to like him but for me, it’s at a point where he just saps a lot of enjoyment in this anime. That anyone has yet to just punch in the face and stage a mutiny is beyond me. Frankly, I’ll pass on this anime.

Hinomaru Sumo – Ep. 2

Conversely, interest has actually increased with Hinomarsu Sumo. It still feels like your standard sports anime but getting to know the characters certainly helps a ton. I really enjoy the MMA vs. sumo fight between Chihiro and Ushio and seeing Yuuma have an epiphany about fighting made me like him a lot more. Really, the only dud I see is Kei who just appears out of the blue to join the sumo club. I don’t know if it’s completely changed my mind but I’m feeling more willing to give it some time.

Boarding School Juliet – Ep. 2

I’ll admit to liking this episode less than the first so maybe Boarding School Juliet‘s silliness will eventually wear thin. For now though, I’m having fun. Romio as a hopeless idiot and Juliet a partial tsundere works quite well together and this episode smartly balances between who’s more enamored with the other at a given moment. That’s probably all I should expect from this anime though. There was one bit where Juliet dresses up as a boy and I initially thought it was maybe a reference to young boys originally playing the roles of female characters in Shakespeare’s plays. The more I think about it though, the more it seems to clever for this show.

Release the Spyce – Ep. 2

On its own merits, I’m enjoying Release the Spyce just fine so it’s safe on the watch list for now. Momo is a pretty likable protagonist and watching her endure Yuki’s brutal tutelage was fun. But I don’t know, it seems a bit too slow-paced for my liking? Did we really need a couple minutes spent extensively detailing what spies are and these particular ones do? Not really. I suppose Momo is still a viewpoint character for the set-up but I’m hoping that niche ends here.

To be fair, I think I am horribly spoiled by Princess Principal. That show had a huge advantage in telling its story out of order, thereby throwing the viewer into the middle of things. We didn’t need to see an extensive training montage for Team White Pigeon as most of them were already pros at this point. It just assumed you knew the essentials of spy stories and that’s something I kind of wish Release the Spyce utilized.

Ulysses: Jeanne d’Arc and the Alchemist Knight – Ep. 2

Well, that’s one way to exchange bodily fluids.

Here’s my question: Couldn’t you just, I don’t know, make a goddamn anime about Jeanne d’Arc? None of this nonsense such as a stock light novel pretty boy, oppai jokes, legitimate alchemy, magical saliva, and fucking fairies that you’ll kill off in a manner of minutes. Just tell history as it is. It’s why it’s history. But no, that apparently wouldn’t sell so you got to throw in all the tropes into this show. I really shouldn’t have given this a second chance.

That aside, I just find a lot of Ulysses laughably bad. Montmorency and Jeanne’s relationship is established last-minute and lacks the history the dialogue implies it has. That kiss scene is just hilarious. In what way is that sexy? I’ll admit that Jeanne herself seems fine, especially once she developed a split personality hellbent on killing everything that bothers her in the slightest. That was pretty entertaining but it’s not enough to carry the whole show.

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