First(ish) Impressions Lightning Round – Fall 2018 Shorts

Ah, short series. You mystify me so much. Nevertheless, it’s that time of the season again so got to tackle them in time before the end of tryouts.

Jingai-san no Yome – Eps. 1-3

Short series are the one time I don’t mind covering multiple episodes in a post because some of them just don’t give enough to go off of in one episode. Jingai-san no Yome is in fact one of those cases because the first episode wastes half of its three runtime for a normal length OP. All that happens is the main character getting married to his monster husbando. It’s not a lot of plot is what I’m trying to say. The next two episodes is really the real meat of the story since now you see the actual marriage in fruition.

It’s all cute and all but I don’t think it’s really doing much for me. The big issue is that Tomari (what the hell is with his hair colors?) and Kanenogi don’t really have chemistry together. The former is a generic teenager and the latter is just a monster who chews on him. That’s honestly it. I’ll admit that Kanenogi’s character design is pretty cute but there isn’t a whole lot of personality presented here. This anime might be worth binging all the way through (it certainly wouldn’t take that long) but honestly, I don’t feel terribly invested to do so.

Skull-Face Bookseller Honda-san – Eps. 1 & 2

This anime actually caught my attention when I was looking for points of interest for the Season Preview but I also lost interest because I think the whole bookseller but he’s a skeleton joke was going to begin and end there. Lo and behold, it begins and ends there. Props for making Honda-san as normal as possible in spite of that gimmick and having everyone accept him as is but I can’t imagine this staying funny for a whole cour.

The big saving grace is the bookstore aspect itself. Even if you never worked in such a place, anyone who’s done part-time work will easily relate with Honda-san struggling with the strangest of customers and keeping things stock during a rush period. This anime completely nails it and had it not been for that attribute, I would’ve dropped the show by now.

Himote House: A Share House of Super Psychic Girls – Eps. 1 & 2

Holy shit, the key visual did not advertise this show’s art very well. I mean, the character designs are fine but the rendering and lifeless animation is enough to turn the average viewer away. And I know animation doesn’t always break the experience but who honestly thinks this will pull a Kemono Friends on us? Certainly not me.

I’m getting the feeling that this anime might’ve went the gdgd fairies or Forest Fairy Five route of throwing stuff on the wall, see what sticks, and get the cast to do some ad-libbing for the animators to animate around later. It wouldn’t surprise me if that’s the case. The powers are brought up last minute and even those feel sporadically conceived. The talking cat is barely in this show either. like why would you do such a thing if it’s a talking cat!

Honestly, I should’ve dropped it at the first episode and unless you’re morbidly curious, don’t bother watching this one.

Voice of Fox – Ep. 1

A Chinese co-production and a short series. Now, that’s a double dose of wild card power.

Voice of Fox still kind of suffers from that usual issue I see with Chinese co-productions which is that the story doesn’t feel completely coherent. The pacing is a little rushed and there isn’t a whole lot of foreshadowing at Hu Li’s secret as an indie singer and the stand-in voice for a celebrity he works. There’s admittedly been way worse set-ups in these kinds of anime but this still could’ve used a slight revision to the storyboards.

That aside, I think there is potential with this premise. Hu Li’s triple life alone could lend itself to some interesting dilemmas. Right now, he discovers that one follower does know his secret and there’s another curious thread where one of the idols at the stage earlier figures out that the Kong Que is lip syncing. I’ll admit, this is a little intriguing so I’ll give this another episode or two.

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3 thoughts on “First(ish) Impressions Lightning Round – Fall 2018 Shorts

  1. I’m surprised by how many anime shorts I’m watching at the moment because normally I drop these pretty quick. But second season of Space Battleship Tiramisu found its way onto my watch list, Honda-San is there, at three minute episodes I don’t really feel the need to drop Jingai-San even though there isn’t a lot going on. That said, the first episode of Voice of Fox was pretty entertaining and I’m looking forward to the next one and I hope it is as interesting.


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