Lightning Round (11/7/18) – Zombie Land Saga | SSSS.Gridman | Double Decker! | Tsurune!

Zombie Land Saga – Ep. 5

I was on the verge of dropping Zombie Land Saga so imagine my surprise that this episode is the funniest the show has been in a while. It’s not perfect. While I’m sure Drive-In Tori is a nice restaurant, having one of its actual managers explain why it’s great is a bit much. I know this story takes place in Saga but you don’t need to make it so blatantly commercial. It also irked me that Saki, one of the few characters I like, has regressed into a Saga tour guide and a very annoying one at that. That said, this episode did give us a guy moon walking in a chicken costume and the girls participating in mud sports so I guess it events out. The sheer amount of anticlimaxes during the Gatalympics is worth sitting through.

Is it possible that the last two episodes were just a fluke and that Zombie Land Saga still has it in them? Perhaps and I’ll give it one more episode but let’s not keep our hopes up.

SSSS.Gridman – Ep. 5

Of course, there’s a swimsuits episode in Gridman. The show is made by Trigger, I should’ve saw that coming. Not much to really say in that case. Even I wanted to, I think everyone has already come up with some silly comment about Rikka’s legs (still leaving a screencap though…). Points for going with water rafting as opposed to the traditional beach setting at least.

Oddly enough, my favorite scene is actually when the Neon Genesis gang have to bring Junk on a train ride to the nature reserve. The very image alone cracks me up but it also makes for a nice jab at the tokusatsu cliche where the villain attacks the same town over and over again. Turning that into a plot point where Yuuta is kind of screwed without Junk nearby is pretty clever, not to mention hilarious.

As per usual, the action is highly entertaining. A volcanic Lion Turtle against a giant robot with missile launchers and twin laser cannons? Yes, please.

Double Decker! Doug & Kirill – Ep. 7

While I’ve found Double Decker‘s sense of humor a little bit inconsistent, every attempt it’s made at drama has surprisingly hit the marks. It’s a Doug-centered episode where you find out about Pat, a little girl who shined shoes and sold information for a living and whom Doug considers to be his first partner. When the man suspected of killing Pat resurfaces, Doug seizes the opportunity to get some revenge. It’s pretty serious stuff and the show does a good job making you think the Doug could very well break the rules and kill the suspect.

My one nitpick is maybe how sparingly Kirill is used. He does act as a conscience for Doug and try to intervene but the climax of the episode is entirely a mixture of Doug’s own doing or happenstance. It’s a small potato in the grand scheme of things though. With six episodes left, I’m sure Doug and Kirill’s partnership will fully pan out at some point.

Tsurune! – Ep. 3

Going in, I knew Tsurune would ultimately center around the school club and yet, I still find myself saying “Darn it” as that plot unfolds. Save for Minato, everyone else feels so generic. Ryouhei and Nanao are basically two slight variants of the happy-go-lucky guy. Kaito is the angry guy and just to prove a point, he’s even nicknamed Kacchan. I don’t even know what to make of Seiya. He says he’s trying not to force Minato into anything that would make him uncomfortable but then, what does that make him trying to make his friend join the archery club these past two episodes? A bit hypocritical, ain’t it?

Thank goodness Takagawa is revealed to be the club’s new coach. As convenient as that is, I’ll accept any excuse if it’ll allow Tsurune to better involve one of its stronger characters.

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