Here Lies Xeno’s Hopes and Dreams – November 2018 Edition

Huh, I haven’t done a site announcement post in a while. To be honest, I haven’t felt a need to. I had a bad tendency of not living up to the plans I set for myself so when I got back into the full swing of blogging this past July, I just focused squarely on writing away. And really, that was pressure I was putting on myself when the reality (as I’ve learned) is that everyone in this blogging community understands that we all have lives to live and that stuff happens.

Why am I trying to set myself a plan again? Well, October was pretty rocky month. I mean, my output was fine but I ended up putting a couple of projects on hold. As I finalize my anime Watch List for Fall 2018’s midseason, I feel that having a plan might not be a bad idea. I may still fail to meet the goals but I’m not nearly as busy or stressed as I was earlier in the year (damn you, college) so here goes nothing.

How to Support the Scribbles

As a friendly reminder, visitors can directly support my blog via this Paypal button ( Donate Button) and my Ko-Fi page. The decision is entirely up to you. I simply created those links in case anyone ever wanted to. That anyone reads and maybe even likes what I write is enough to make me happy and want to keep this blog going.

Review Schedule

  • Week of 11/5 – Asobi Asobase -workshop of fun-
  • Week of 11/12 – Angolmois: Record of Mongol Invasion
  • Week of 11/19 – Planet With
  • Week of 11/26 – Phantom in the Twilight

Fall 2018 Coverage

The Midseason Rankings is scheduled for Thursday, November 15th.

As for Episode Reviews, I’m settling on five though I am still figuring what those five are. You can get an idea by hovering over “Current Anime” in the navigation bar at the top but whatever is there, don’t treat it as final just yet. Part of me would like to still cover additional shows via Lightning Rounds though that mean more writing and frankly, I haven’t been very good with releasing those on a timely manner.

I do plan on getting around to the new SimulDub/Dubcasts for the Fall 2018 shows and update my Episode Reviews with English dub comments like I did during Summer 2018. It’s tricky as watching the same show dubbed obviously means more time I need to reserve and spend. It’ll be done though even if it’s late.

Regarding Banana Fish, I finally just got back into it. Since I want to include the show in my Midseason Rankings, I am going to have play quick and dirty and write it in Quickie mode (aka write my thoughts in bullet points). I don’t like that approach a whole lot but it does suffice as a last resort and in this case, I do need to use it. If you were following my coverage on that show, I hope you’ll be able to excuse it.

Princess Principal Re-Reviews

Obviously, I fell behind on this project and I apologize for that if you were following it.

I’ll admit: I horribly underestimated how little of my original writings I could re-use and how much I’d write from scratch. When I have full context of the story, there ends up being a lot to unpack in each episode. Believe me, I love Princess Principal and I do love coming back to it for the blog. It’s just proven to be more time-consuming than I expected which is why it got put on hold during October while I deal with the Fall premieres.

I intend to finish it though. Ideally, I’d like to get three more episodes done by the end of November and the whole show done by the time the Limited Edition blu-ray set releases (i.e. December 11). I am straying away from HIDIVE’s English dub release schedule but that’s okay. The show technically already finished and I’d rather make these Episode Reviews something I can be 100% proud of than crank them out quickly.

Made in Abyss Re-Reviews?

So Made in Abyss finally arrived on Blu-ray in the US complete with an English dub and that gave me cause to consider going back and re-review the show. I kind of would like a do-over with that show, especially with Season 2 coming out in the near future. However, because there was the new Fall anime and considering that I put Princess Principal on hold, it made more sense not do it. Part of me would still like to do it though so maybe when I make more progress with Princess Principal, I’ll reconsider.

Episode Review Backlog

In order of priority…

  • Magical Girl Raising Project – Finishing this month, possibly during Thanksgiving break. There’s two episodes left; I’m 99.99% sure I can get it done.
  • March Comes in Like a Lion (Season 2) – I love this show so damn much and I’m really fond of what episode reviews I did manage to write for it. If I had to only pick one backlogged anime to finish covering before the year ends, it’s this one.
  • Girls’ Last Tour – It annoys me to no end that I finished this show and never covered the last four episodes. That said, I’m debating between just covering those four or maybe do a Re-Review run when the blu-ray and English dub releases in January.
  • My Hero Academia (Season 3) & The Ancient Magus’ Bride – Would also like to finish ASAP but MahouIku and March take priority. Maybe if I crank out quickies for these two shows, I could pull it off.
  • Everything Else – Who knows.

Thanks for Reading!


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