Here Lies Xeno’s Hopes and Dreams – December 2018 Edition

*sigh* That didn’t go nearly as planned. I don’t want to say November sucked as a lot of posts I wrote and some of the comments left on them were a ton of fun. But man, I screwed the pooch on a lot of my plans. Well, I do call these announcement posts my “Hopes and Dreams” for a reason. Let’s see if I can finally course correct this month.

How to Support the Scribbles

As a friendly reminder, visitors can directly support my blog via this Paypal button ( Donate Button) and my Ko-Fi page. The decision is entirely up to you. I simply created those links in case anyone ever wanted to. That anyone reads and maybe even likes what I write is enough to make me happy and want to keep this blog going.

General Anime Seasonal Coverage

The Winter 2019 Season Preview is scheduled for Saturday, December 15.

The Fall 2018 Final Rankings is schedule for Monday, December 31. It could possibly change, however, if I have plans for New Year’s.

I want to do a Top 20 Anime of 2018 shortly after the Final Rankings but I’m actually still trying to find the time to finish shows I left on hold due to college so I don’t want to promise that I’ll write this post. I’d love to though.

I’m aware that I haven’t caught up on Banana Fish as quickly as I had originally hoped. My plan is to do a couple of more Quickies and then return to writing more normally with that show. I feel bad that I left this show on the wayside. I’m also beginning to think I suck at keeping up with multi-cour anime…I will finish this show however.

Other than that, everything I’m currently covering will be finished this month.

Review Schedule

  • Asobi Asobase -workshop of fun-
  • Angolmois: Record of Mongol Invasion
  • Kemono Friends (Season 1)
  • Kakegurui (Season 1)
  • Planet With

No dates because pff, I clearly can’t set a concrete schedule for myself just yet. Also, that list is in alphabetical order. Those five shows are just the ones I’d like to prioritize to review this month…provided that I can.

(ICYMI) Magical Girl Raising Project Episode Reviews

It was close but I did finish Magical Girl Raising Project in November like I wanted. I at least accomplished one thing that month! To find all the reviews, click here for the show’s archive page! While not a big boost to traffic, that review series was a lot of fun to write and I ended up really enjoying MahouIku itself (probably one of my favorite anime of 2016). I enjoyed that experience so much that I would like to cover another “old” anime at some point. Not sure what that next show would be though and best I not get ahead and burden myself with too many things to do. I’m open to suggestions though.

Princess Principal Episode Re-Reviews

Ended up keeping it on hold for much longer but I think I can resume this month! Maybe Episode 4 review this weekend? Hopefully?

I feel really bad that I left this project on the back burner but I really did only want to continue it when I can give it a 1000%. One of the reasons why I’m re-reviewing Princess Principal is because I’m not proud of my original coverage (or much of my first year of blogging, really). My summer job at the time and college really did not allow me to write and review at my best. Thus, I really want to make these re-reviews count.

March Comes in Like a Lion Episode Reviews

I’ve been thinking it over and I think the backlog of unfinished anime I covered is a lost cause. There’s too much to watch, let alone write and while I care very little about stats, these hypothetical posts would do so little for me. That said, I’ll make one big exception for March Comes in Like a Lion. I love this show too damn much to quit coverage for it. I don’t know if I can complete it by the end of the month (or year for that matter) but some progress would be nice.

Anime Archive

The Anime Archive page is currently in reconstruction. The big reason being that I’ve been fiddling with HTML to improve the layout of my Archive Pages and with that new layout, I of course need to apply that to every archive page. It hasn’t been a huge priority so I’ve been tackling it very, very slowly. You can still search for the pages for the individual anime themselves but by the end of the month, I’ll have everything relinked. Well, everything that I want people to see relinked…more on that another time.

If you check now, you might see that I left a heading that says “First Impressions”. Yeah, about that. Ever since I created the Anime Archive a year ago, I only listed what I’m currently reviewing and what I finished reviewing. After all, they form the bulk of work I want people to see the most. That said, I thought about it and I think it would be convenient if there were pages that catalog every First Impressions I wrote in a certain season of anime. I originally planned on starting this with Winter 2019 but I decided I will retroactively make pages for all the seasons prior even if no one will visit them. Just letting you know is all.

Thanks for Reading!


7 thoughts on “Here Lies Xeno’s Hopes and Dreams – December 2018 Edition

  1. November kind of did suck for me. While I mostly managed to get posts out, a lot of them felt rushed and I was just busy too often and felt like I was apologising every week for not reading as much as I usually do or linking to as many posts. December has been better, so far, all 6 days of it. Hopefully I don’t get too busy over the brief holidays and manage to keep my New Year’s resolution next year. No more ridiculously stupidly busy work weeks.
    Wishing you the best of luck with December and looking forward to your posts.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. “Not sure what that next show would be though and best I not get ahead and burden myself with too many things to do. I’m open to suggestions though”

    Ah! Sounds like the perfect time to watch Yuuki Yuuna! 🙂 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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