VIRTUALSAN – LOOKING – Ep. 1 (First Impressions)

Technically, the second episode of VIRTUALSAN – LOOKING (that title…) is out but Crunchyroll appears to be running on a delayed schedule so I only bothered to watch the first episode. Really though, one episode is enough. I owe Pastel Memories and Dimension High School an apology. This is the real WTF anime of the season.

Full disclaimer: I am not in the know with the Virtual Youtuber craze. Like, I watch the occasional Kizuna Ai video and that’s about it. So if you really want to be that guy and say, “Well, this anime is clearly just not for you since you don’t know these Youtubers” then sure, go ahead. You aren’t entirely wrong about that. I, however, am convinced that being familiar would not have helped with understanding what the fuck is going on in this show.

As far as I can tell, there is no plot in VIRTUALSAN. It’s essentially a string of really random, bizarre vignettes acted out by various Virtual Youtubers. And I do mean random, what with the toilet paper sermon, jumping gorilla clip art and preliminary sketches of a Goblin Slayer parody…just to name a few. Nothing appears to be connected apart from the recurring characters. In fact, some of the scenes sort of just begin and end out of the blue, making it difficult for you to buy into what’s going on, let alone keep track of it. To be honest, I’m inclined to believe that this is all just improv. Get all the seiyuus in a recording booth, have them say whatever, and some poor intern at the studio will go ahead and animate over them. I can’t imagine there being a script written for this show. (Note: NyasuverS3 has pointed out in the comments that VIRTUALSAN meant to be a variety show so a lot of the randomness is somewhat justified…whether or not the randomness is actually good still stands though).

Did I find any of this funny? Well, here’s the thing: I did laugh a fair amount throughout the whole episode but I was laughing at the show rather with it. I didn’t find any of the jokes funny in of themselves, not a single one but they just keep piling on that it starts to baffle me. In other words, I found it funny simply because I’m stunned that this is meant to pass for legitimate humor. Also, I’m sure the people behind this show, cast or crew, are working hard at their respective roles but so much about this production is laughable. Never mind the excessive weirdness, some of the voice acting is flat and in general, the animation suffers from stilted movement, physics clipping, and just general poor rendering. This kind of thing can maybe get a pass on Youtube but for something airing on television, it just feels amateurish.

Who will want to watch this show? If you don’t know any Virtual Youtubers then a whole show starring a bunch of them already won’t appeal to you. And even if you enjoy such strange humor, you’d better off with something else like, say, Pop Team Epic. I suppose this is just meant for the diehard fans of the featured Youtubers but that’s such narrow appeal if you ask me. Even if you happen to be such a fan, I’d like to know if this show is working out for you. It certainly didn’t for me.

OP: “AIAIAI ft. Yasutaka Nakata” by AI Kizuna

ED: “Hitogata” by HIMEHAMA

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7 thoughts on “VIRTUALSAN – LOOKING – Ep. 1 (First Impressions)

  1. The curious thing is, everyone just right away took this as a heavily narrated show instead of what it actually is, a Japanese variety show, or those who don’t familiar with the format, akin of Late Night Shows and the category it actually belongs to.

    It’s a variety show where the ‘main characters’ (and yes, ALL of them in their real personalities) are the hosts, and the rest are guest celebrities. One can’t blame them to not even bothering to put a real storyline, because it’s not what most reviews perceive.

    tl;dr differing from Pop Team Epic, it’s THE weird Japanese TV Channel celebrities shows PTE often made fun with, but with Virtual Youtubers.

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    1. Hey, thanks for the tidbit. Info was hard to come by and I couldn’t think of many animated variety shows that exist to make such a connection. This clears up some of the confusion. Maybe I should update this post accordingly.

      Still, I don’t know if knowing Virtualsan is a variety show makes it that much better. The lack of plot is fair enough but I still find a lot of this premiere laughably bad.


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