Here Lies Xeno’s Hopes and Dreams – February 2019 Edition

I’m currently dealing with a massive migraine and it just dawned on me that I didn’t share what my current hopes and dream for the blog this month so for my sake, here’s something nice and easy before I doze off to bed.

Fall 2018 Anime Coverage

February 2019 and I’m still bringing up Fall 2018? Well, I’m just here to simply bring up that I did update my Final Rankings for the season on January 31st like I planned. I actually achieved something I wanted to do! Now, that post includes Tsurune as well as some other shows I needed to finish that month such as Banana Fish and Skull-face Bookseller Honda-san. Other things I changed is adding my final thoughts on the season as well as change the ranking by a teensy bit.

Winter 2019 Anime Coverage

The Midseason Rankings will be out soon on either February 14th or 15th. I hesitate to give an exact date as I’m thinking for Valentine’s Day, I’d instead share what some of my first Anime/Manga crushes were…but the idea is really embarrassing so I don’t know if I’ll necessarily do it. Still, the Rankings will be out the usual time of the season.

As far as Episode Reviews go:

  • Dororo and The Promised Neverland I’ve committed to 100%
  • Domestic Girlfriend is a really big maybe which I never thought I’d ever say.
  • Mob Psycho 100…I still want to cover. I’m kind of embarrassed that I still haven’t found the time and energy to finish my Season 1 review. Assuming I miss the Midseason deadline, I’ll be on vacation beginning this coming weekend so I’ll surely be able to cover Mob during that time.
  • Still figuring out on what to do with everything else.


First of all, I will be resuming work on re-reviewing Princess Principal during my break next week. I’ll first restart my rewatch of the series and I may make some updates to the first three Episode Reviews that I did manage to write back in September. At the very least, I will be bumping the publication date to something more contemporary so that the posts don’t get lost in the archives. Basically, I’m relaunching the project so if the first three reviews pop up on your WordPress Reader feed, that’s probably why. I know the project is late but that’s fine. This is still something I want to do and I do want my thoughts on the show updated before I tackle the movies (whenever they come out) so I still have a decent excuse to do these re-reviews.

Second, I’ll also be working on a series of Episode Re-Reviews on Girls’ Last Tour. Remember that anime? I never actually finished covering the show and that has bugged me to no end as the show ended up becoming one of my Top 3 favorite anime of 2017, maybe even # 1. I’m hoping to fix that now that the show is finally out on Blu-ray in the U.S. with an English dub. The only reason I haven’t started sooner is because I actually forgot to order the Blu-ray until a few days ago…whoops.

Anime of “Old”

Earlier in the month, I decided to go ahead with covering an older show and I put up a poll on Twitter asking some of you guys to vote on what they’d be most interested in reading about. The results are in and the winner is School-Live! with 43% of 14 votes! My first Episode Review will be out sometime this coming week. I was going to start watching it today but the migraine kicked in so that was a no-go. It’ll happen real soon though.

Yuki Yuna is a Hero won second place, meaning that I could get around to it if I have enough time or I’m feeling super confident in my ability to blog on time. Considering I have the Winter anime, my re-reviews, and School-Live! surely I might as well try to squeeze in one more show. I might be able to but I won’t truly know until my watch list is finalized in a few days. I don’t want to get anyone’s hopes up but please know it’s a possibility.

Award/Tag Q&As

I’m always flattered and grateful to receive these community tags but by complete accident and negligence, I have accumulated a backlog that I need to tackle. And I know people aren’t forcing me to answer their questions but still, from the bottom of my heart, I’m really sorry that I haven’t responded to them yet.

The plan is to tackle them one by one whenever I have the time. I wrote a list down below so that people know that I do indeed remember what I’ve been tagged for. If there’s somehow one tag I’ve missed though, please let me know. I really, really want to respond to them all.

Thanks for reading!

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      • I’m actually not tired haha. If anything, I’m really curious about Yuyuyu. Besides, I deal with plenty of frequent recommendations like that in life in general. Like, my brother keeps telling me to catch up on My Hero Academia and one of my best friends wants me to watch Paranoia Agent and has been recommendong it to me for years. Don’t feel bad at all. My juggling act between life and blogging should only be my first world problem haha.

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