3 of My 2D Valentines Because Why Not?

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! Or, Happy Single Awareness Day if you happen to actually celebrate that. Whether or not you’re enjoying the day with that special someone, all that I care is that today has been going great for you. I’m notm in a relationship but I never bought into the whole “Forever Alone” nonsense. Just do whatever makes you the happiest, that’s really what things truly boil down to.

…That said, let’s talk about 2D girls.

I don’t really buy into the whole waifu/husbando craze. I mean, I do sometimes indulge in declaring Best Girl or Boy in a given anime and/or make a silly comment about fanservice but that’s really about it. In high school though, I very much had super big crushes on some of the characters I’ve encountered, especially since I was around their age. So for fun(?) and in the spirit of Valentine’s Day, I figured why not share which ones I had the biggest crushes on.

…This is either my best idea or my most embarrassing…maybe a bit of both…

Angel (Kanade Tachibana) from Angel Beats!

This girl was definitely my first anime crush. Hell, Angel Beats! was what made me fall in love with anime as a medium. Why exactly it was Angel though I really couldn’t tell you. Yuri was easily the most entertaining and Iwasawa has arguably the single best arc in the entire series. I think the reason why I was so drawn to Angel was the mystery surrounding her. Everyone assumes she’s an actual guardian of the afterlife but overtime, it becomes clear that she is nowhere near the emotionless robot they make her out to be. It was honestly a ton of fun figuring out what exactly is going on her mind and then learning how awkward and clumsy she actually kind of is. I also love her character design; even before she gains actual wings, she really did come across as angelic.

…Okay, it was really just the mapo tofu scenes that won me over. There, I admit it.

Tohru Honda from Fruits Basket

It’s admittedly been years since I last read the Fruits Basket manga and I didn’t actually finish the original anime. Memory is definitely very hazy with this story. I suppose I’ll need a refresher when the new anime adaptation premieres this April. There is one thing I still remember as clear as day and that’s how much I love Tohru’s character.

I do find her character design adorable but what I found most attractive about Tohru is her personality. It will forever stun me just how kind of a person she is in Fruits Basket. Tohru is always willing to approach any hardship and any person with some level of compassion or optimism. You’d think that personality would come across as overbearing but at least to me, it felt like a force to be reckoned with, something that would leave a huge impact on the people who encounter it. I’d go as far as to admit that there is something inspirational about Tohru, her displays of empathy and kindness setting a great example for the reader about what kind of person they should strive to be.

Eru Chitanda from Hyouka

I’d honestly love to have someone in my life who would look at me with the same smile and sparkle in his or her eyes that Eru has when she gets curious about something. She just seems she’d be a ton of fun to hang out with, someone who would brighten up the day when her curiosity is piqued with a new mystery. The only way to calm her down from there would be to sate her fascination and solve the mystery. It probably would drive me a little crazy the same way it does for Houtarou throughout most of Hyouka but like Houtarou, I’d be forced to admit that things are so much more eventful and enjoyable with Eru around.

And yes, I do think Eru is insanely cute. The whole character design itself is pretty but again, it’s that smile and sparkle in the eyes that gets me every time. KyoAni knows how to draw such evocative facial expressions.

Thanks for reading!

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