Here Lies Xeno’s Hopes and Dreams – March 2019 Edition

I was hoping to be a little more ambitious than usual during February and I probably could’ve pulled it off thanks to my vacation. Then, out of the blue, I got offered to leave my part-time teaching assistant job and become a paraprofessional. Go figure.

So yeah, some of my hopes and dreams last month got temporarily stalled and rolled over here thanks to the new job. The last thing I want was to overburdened myself with stuff to write and fall apart as a result. Will I be able to fulfill them this month? Ehhhhhhhhhh….this is called “Hopes and Dreams” for a reason. Let’s at least go over them.

In Case You Missed It:

General Anime Coverage

The Final Rankings will be posted on 3/31. Please note that this post may be subsequently updated if any anime finishes after 3/31.

The Season Preview for the Spring 2019 season will be posted on 3/15 at the latest.

Any way, here’s the list of shows I’m finishing coverage of:

  • Domestic Girlfriend
  • Dororo
  • Magical Girl Spec-Ops Asuka
  • The Promised Neverland
  • The Quintessential Quintuplets 

Yep, five shows. I sure threw my “three shows only” plan out the window. I guess I can’t help myself. Oh well, I’m having fun and I’m managing.

Originally, I was going to keep the Lightning Round going but after thinking it over more in light of me now working full-time, I decided I’d ditch it. Honestly, I’m okay with this. That type of post is always late and I think it’s better as a temporary time saver than a permanently weekly feature on the blog. Besides, I think I’m better of tackling a show one at a time. That said, as a trade-off, I am going to finish Quintessential Quintuplets in standalone posts. I felt that at least one show from the Lightning Round should keep going.

School-Live! Episode Reviews

It took me longer than I’d like but I finally started School-Live!. Check out the first episode review and please look forward to me potentially losing my mind over the suffering this anime is likely to cause. All I ask is that no one posts spoilers. I’m hoping to get this series all done by the Spring midseason.

I do have ideas for a poll after School-Live! is finished but I’m getting ahead of myself so let’s just leave it at that.

Episode Re-Reviews

Still plan on redoing my episode reviews for Princess Principal and Girls’ Last Tour but I felt the need to stall work for those until I’ve adjusted to working full-time.

Rather than make these series of posts a weekly effort, I’ve decided that I’ll be working all the posts of a given series back to back and publish them daily once they’re all ready. So in other words, it’ll be twelve consecutive days of Princess Principal and the same for Girls’ Last Tour sometime later. I’ll admit that this plan is a little crazy but frankly, I’d rather get it all done at my leisure than work on it weekly for three months only to get hit by a scheduling wall. I’m hoping to at least get Princess Principal ready this month.

As for any other show, Made in Abyss and Laid-Back Camp come to mind but that’d probably be it as far as the re-reviews go. This project is really just meant to be a special case where I cover shows I love in episode reviews that I’ll actually feel proud of.

For the record, all the original posts I did for any of these shows will still be visible. I thought about moving them to private but as discontent as I may be, someone might still want to see how I originally felt about a show and see how those thoughts have been expanded in the re-reviews. I may, however, uncategorize and untagged them so that traffic flows better to the re-reviews.

Anime Archive Reconstruction

Pff, I haven’t really finished reconstructing the Anime Archive. In fact, I’m embarrassed to say that I forgot to do that the past month and a half. I’m going to try and fix that this month.

Awards & Tags

Just started getting through the list and I’m making steady progress. Once again, if you happened to have tagged me and it’s not listed down below, please let me know!

Thanks for reading!

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One thought on “Here Lies Xeno’s Hopes and Dreams – March 2019 Edition

  1. It’s important that you’re having fun while doing this even if you did go over the limit of shows you set out to do. : ) Also the more shows to you, that’s great!
    I don’t know School-Live! but but might start to watch if it’s the first season of Date a Live III. Seems like it might be good.

    Liked by 1 person

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