Amazing Stranger – Ep. 1 (First Impressions)

You ever wanted Toy Story as an anime? A lewd anime, no less? No? …Too bad.

Joking aside, I actually didn’t think Amazing Stranger was half-bad. It is pushing the fan service with Nona (Suzuna Kinoshita) but I didn’t mind it. I mean, let’s be honest here. It really isn’t that far fetched that someone wanted to know if the “clothes” on their waifu figurines can be taken off. Besides, it was pretty funny to see her owner, Haruto (Wataru Hatano) realize that he’s essentially harassing a woman and said woman proceed to fire her apparently real guns at him. See, even objects shouldn’t be objectified.

Episode 1 doesn’t provide a solid explanation as to why Nona is alive but kind of like Buzz Lightyear in the first Toy Story, she genuinely believes she is the character from the anime Haruto is a fan of. As a result, Haruto feels the need to ease her into reality, preventing her from seeing the show or even his blu-ray copy and even pretend to be a character in-universe. The most meta thing he does is convince Nona to “pretend” to be a figurine when alone or around other people in order to avoid raising suspicion. It’s an amusing and charming development in of itself and in a weird way, it kind of leaves you wondering what will happen when the cat finally is out of the bag.

Obviously, we’ve seen this kind of story done before. Even putting a famous example such as Toy Story aside, there’s been Frame Arms Girl as far as anime is concerned. Frankly, I’d probably be more inclined to recommend that show over this but Amazing Stranger is a pretty decent take on the same concept. On top of that, it’s half-length so it’s not like it’s overstaying its welcome. I’ll watch a little bit more before I make a decision.

OP: “Soreyuke! Koigokoro” by AOP.

I’d show three screencaps of the ED but it’s just Nona walking in a looping animation for a minute. It’s not exactly ideal for screencapping.

Thanks for reading!

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